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  • gem install http-parser


This is a ruby wrapper around the http-parser library. The upstream http-parser library is, in itself, an evolution of Zed Shaw's http11_parser that is part mongrel

So this library has come full circle back to ruby again.



Copyright © 2009 Jeremy Hinegardner and released under the same terms as Ruby. See the top level LICENSE and COPYING files for details.

The following files are the exception, they fall under the auspicies of the ext/http-parser/LICENSE. That file indicates that that Rhay Dahl's works is under the MIT license, and Zed Shaw's work is under the same tersm as Ruby.

  • ext/http-parser/LICENSE

  • ext/http-parser/

  • ext/http-parser/http_parser.c

  • ext/http-parser/http_parser.h

  • ext/http-parser/http_parser.rl