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Hi there!

I see you are interested in contributing. That is wonderful. I love contributions.

I guarantee that there are bugs in this software. And I guarantee that there is a feature you want that is not in here yet. As such, any and all bugs reports are gratefully accepted, bugfixes even more so. Helping out with bugs is the easiest way to contribute.

The Quick Version

  • Have a GitHub Account.
  • Search the GitHub Issues and see if your issue already present. If so add your comments, 👍, etc.
  • Issue not there? Not a problem, open up a new issue.
    • Bug reports please be as detailed as possible. Include:
      • full ruby engine and version: ruby -e 'puts RUBY_DESCRIPTION'
      • operating system and version
      • version of stickler ruby -rubygems -e "require 'stickler'; puts Stickler::VERSION"
      • as much detail about the bug as possible so I can replicate it. Feel free to link in a gist
    • New Feature
      • What the new feature should do.
      • What benefit the new feature brings to the project.
  • Fork the repo.
  • Create a new branch for your issue: git checkout -b issue/my-issue
  • Lovingly craft your contribution:
    • rake develop to get started, or if you prefer bundler rake develop:using_bundler && bundle.
    • rake test to run tests
  • Make sure that rake test passes. It's important, I said it twice.
  • Add yourself to the contributors section below.
  • Submit your pull request.