when mirroring or pushing a gem, have stickler pull in the dependencies automatically for mirroring #14

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copiousfreetime commented Mar 27, 2011

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elgalu commented Dec 9, 2013

This feature request still open means that even with the mirrored gems on stickler a bundle install or bundle update will still hit rubygems.org dependencies api endpoint? i.e.


copiousfreetime commented Dec 9, 2013

@elgalu The idea for this feature is when you stickler push or stickler mirror that the stickler-server while it is storing the gem you are pushing or mirroring, would also mirror the dependencies of the pushed or mirrored gem.

I am considering canceling this feature as I have implemented the ability to feed a Gemfile.lock to the stickler mirror command. This allows the already calculated dependencies from bundler to be fed to stickler-server directly.

Stickler does not affect how bundle update or bundle install works. If, in your Gemfile, you have source http://mygemserver.example.org/ and you have a stickler-server running at that location, then bundler will be talking to a stickler server instead of rubygems.org.

Currently stickler has not implemented the bundler api, this will be covered under feature #23 when it is implemented. I may make the bundler api implementation a separate issue for clarity.

I hope this clarifies things for you. If not, I'm happy to help understanding the use case you are attempting to solve.


elgalu commented Dec 9, 2013

Great Jeremy, thanks for taking the time to respond!

copiousfreetime added this to the 2.5 milestone Jun 3, 2014

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