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stickler mirror does not work #4

kenotron opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When I do a:

stickler mirror --server http://localhost:6789/ --gem-version 3.0.3 rails

I get this:

ERROR -> can't modify frozen string

This is a bug in the spec_lite.rb, line 20:

@version = version )

This apparently causes my RubyGems 1.3.7 running on Ruby 1.9.2 to fail with a "can't modify frozen string" error. There are 2 ways I fixed it (both strange and hacky):

@version = version version )

OR run stickler like:

stickler mirror --server http://localhost:6789/ --gem-version=3.0.3 rails

And after these hacks, I further ran into this issue:

undefined method 'first' for "":String

Resourceful is buggy in that it tries to follow redirects and assumes that the response "Location" header is always an array. I suggest that Stickler would ditch the use of Resourceful gem (use CURL or Net::Http).


I've been trying to figure out how to fix this but no luck so far.


Looks like this is because the strings in ARGV are frozen, and does a strip! on its parameter. The version from --gem-version ends up being handed directly down to Gem::Version and as such is a frozen string and strip! modifies its receiver.

this is fixed in the next version


Version 2.1.3 pushed fixing this bug.

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