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added functionality to permit get the latest version of a gem #29

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I had an issue when using stickler with puppet trying to get puppet to install the latest version of a gem, with this feature i can get the latest version of a gem a get it to be installed by puppet.

I think is a useful functionality to use with puppet.


This sounds reasonable, and i'm trying to understand your use case. You are using stickler last-version <gemname> as test in puppet to see what the latest version is so you can see if puppet should install a new version of the gem? Could you get the same effect if you just used gem list -r <gemname> and parsed the output?


Yeah the gem list -r <gemname> gives the same result but not like the stickler last-version <gemname> it will need some parsing. The problem is that puppet doesn't know how to get the latest version if you don't specify it manually like 0.0.12, if you use ensure => latest in puppet it something get you versions like '' .


Alright, sounds reasonable, I'll merge this in soon.


Great, thanks :)


this will go into the next version

@copiousfreetime copiousfreetime merged commit fee2a53 into copiousfreetime:master

I did some mucking around with this to bring it in line the other commands and normalized it to 'latest-version'


this is now included with the released 2.4 version

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2  bin/stickler
@@ -56,5 +56,7 @@ when "config" ARGV ).run
when "list" ARGV ).run
+when "last-version"
1  lib/stickler/client.rb
@@ -49,3 +49,4 @@ def remote_repo_for( opts )
require 'stickler/client/push'
require 'stickler/client/unyank'
require 'stickler/client/yank'
+require 'stickler/client/last-version'
33 lib/stickler/client/last-version.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,33 @@
+module Stickler
+ class Client
+ class Version < Stickler::Client
+ def self.banner
+ <<-_
+List the gems in the stickler server with repository information.
+Usage: stickler list
+ Options:
+ _
+ end
+ def run
+ begin
+ raise Stickler::Repository::Error, 'last-version option needs an argument (gem name)' if self.argv.first.nil?
+ opts = parse(self.argv)
+ repo = remote_repo_for(opts)
+ hashversions = {}
+ repo.specs_list.each do |name, version|
+, "#{version}")
+ end
+ lastversion = hashversions[self.argv.first]
+ raise Stickler::Repository::Error, 'Gem doesn\'t exist in the server.' if lastversion.nil?
+ puts lastversion
+ return lastversion
+ rescue Stickler::Repository::Error => e
+ $stdout.puts "ERROR: #{e.message}"
+ end
+ end
+ end
+ end
3  man/stickler.1.ronn
@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ COMMANDS
Put a gem that was _yanked_ back into the gemserver index. This reverses a
+ Prints the latest version of a gem
These are the options for all commands. Not all options apply to all commands.
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