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# Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Jeremy Hinegardner
# All rights reserved. See LICENSE and/or COPYING for details.
require 'bones'
rescue LoadError
abort '### Please install the "bones" gem ###'
task :default => 'spec:run'
task 'gem:release' => 'spec:run'
$:.unshift( "lib" )
require 'tyrant_manager/version'
Bones {
name "tyrantmanager"
authors "Jeremy Hinegardner"
email ""
url ""
version TyrantManager::VERSION
ruby_opts %w[ -w -rubygems ]
readme_file "README.rdoc"
ignore_file ".gitignore"
history_file "HISTORY.rdoc"
rdoc.include << "README.rdoc" << "HISTORY.rdoc" << "LICENSE"
summary 'A command line tool for managing Tokyo Tyrant instances.'
description <<_
A command line tool for managing Tokyo Tyrant instances. It allows for the
creation, starting, stopping, listing, stating of many tokyo tyrant instances
all on the same machine. The commands can be applied to a single or multiple
depend_on "loquacious" ,"~> 1.9.1"
depend_on "rufus-tokyo" ,"~> 1.0.7"
depend_on "logging" ,"~> 1.6.1"
depend_on "main" ,"~> 4.6.0"
depend_on "ffi" ,"~> 1.0.9" #unsure why this doesn't get resolved with rufus-tokyo
depend_on "bones" , "~> 3.7.3", :development
depend_on "bones-rspec" , "~> 2.0.1", :development
depend_on "rspec" , "~> 2.6.0", :development
depend_on "rake" , "~>", :development
spec.opts << "--colour" << "--format documentation"
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