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Documentation Overview

pygithub3 is a Github APIv3 python wrapper.

You can consume the API with several :doc:`services` (users, repos...) like you see in Github API v3 documentation.

When you do an API request, pygithub3 map the result into :doc:`resources` which can do its own related requests in future releases.

Fast sample

from pygithub3 import Github

gh = Github(login='octocat', password='password')

octocat = gh.users.get() # Auth required
copitux = gh.users.get('copitux')
# copitux = <User (copitux)>

octocat_followers = gh.users.followers.list().all()
copitux_followers = gh.users.followers.list('copitux').all()
# copitux_followers = [<User (ahmontero)>, <User (alazaro)>, ...]


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