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TON Research

This is open development community and enthusiasts research place. We will post our news and updates this project there.

Table of contents:

About source and github repositories

*There is no official statement that is related to TON network. But this is only one real source of information and code at this moment.

TON whitepapers:

TON source code

Code was downloaded from

Last codebase update was performed on June 5, 2019.sha256sum('ton-test-liteclient-full.tar.xz')=edd57971cba5cff9b219a1c99401a7315176ac9ab30afc9df0b1ed39e1dbc009.

Source code check

Run a command ./ton-test-liteclient-full/ while updating a codebase to be sure it's up-to-date

What we already did:

👉 pull request and suggestions are very welcome!

CLient lunch

Future steps:

Creating FAQ & Video tutorial (WIP): feel free to propose your topics

  • Step-by-step guide: How to build a TON client
  • How to get test Grams
  • Development:
    • Write first hello-world smart contract
    • How to deploy a smart contract
    • How to send transactions

Also, you will find there:

  • Future releases of binaries
  • A FAQ with most popular questions (WIP)

Installation & Setup

There are two options. By running Docker or precompiled binary for macOS below:


The easiest way to run the node in a docker container:

docker run -d copperbits/ton

You might want to run in interactive mode and mount current dir into the container to be able to compile fif files:

docker run -ti -v "$(pwd):/data" --name ton copperbits/ton

Compile a fif file (if your container is running and current dir is mounted):

docker exec ton fift test.fif

Releases (macOS)

Lite Client Latest release

  • Download latest release
  • Go to command line, where binary placed
  • Run:
./test-lite-client -C ton-lite-client-test1.config.json
  • run help to get started

More detailed instruction you can find here.


All educational thing we moved it to docs folder. You will find here original readme, with additions of community-based tools and educational materials.


All this information shipped by copperbits team and contributors 👏

Contact us

Here is Telegam public group - feel free to ask any questions and proposals there 👍

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