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DoxyPress is a modern C++ application for generating documentation from annotated sources and API documentation. DoxyPress and DoxyPressApp were initially derived from Doxygen and DoxyWizard.

Major enhancements


  • User selection for full parsing of C and C++ with clang in lieu of the legacy lex parser
  • Clang parser allows complicated modern C++ to be parsed accurately, especially as C++ is updated
  • Added a new parser for makefiles
  • Documents the following computer languages: C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Fortran, Java, IDL, Python, PHP, and TCL

Classes and Containers

  • DoxyPress links with the CopperSpice libraries
  • Removed all Qt 2 classes and containers
  • Refactored to use value based containers instead of pointer based containers
  • For improved memory management variadic templates and shared pointers are used
  • Source code reformatted for improved readability
  • Modified source code to use modern C++ functionality, features, and syntax


  • Project file format enhanced to use a JSON format for improved functionality
  • Command line option to convert Doxygen project files to the DoxyPress JSON format
  • Enhanced layout file to include new sections
  • Major improvements to the html output for correctness


DoxyPress prebuilt binaries are available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

To build DoxyPress from source a current copy of the CopperSpice libraries, a C++17 compiler, and a C++17 standard library are required. DoxyPress links with CsCore and CsXml which are part of the CopperSpice libraries.

CMake build files are provided with the DoxyPress source distribution.


  • C++17 compiler

  • CopperSpice CsCore and CsXml libraries

  • C++17 standard library when using clang for parsing

  • clang 10 must be compiled with RTTI enabled ( pre-built bianary files are available from our download page )


Full documentation for DoxyPress is available on the website or from our download page.

URL Description Online Download (tar and zip formats)

For documentation on how to build the DoxyPress application refer to the following page:


Our YouTube channel videos are about modern C++, build systems, CopperSpice, DoxyPress, and other topics related to our open source work.

Links to technical presentations recorded at CppNow and CppCon:

Authors / Contributors

  • Ansel Sermersheim
  • Barbara Geller
  • Andrew Marlow
  • Adam Mensel
  • Tim van Deurzen
  • Robert Jamnitzky


This program is released under the GPL 2 license. For more information refer to the LICENSE file provided with this project.


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