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import java.util.{Collection, ArrayList}
import org.jdom.Element
import scala.collection.JavaConversions._
import se.sics.cooja.ClassDescription
import se.sics.cooja.GUI
import se.sics.cooja.Mote
import se.sics.cooja.MotePlugin
import se.sics.cooja.PluginType
import se.sics.cooja.Simulation
import se.sics.cooja.VisPlugin
import org.apache.log4j.Logger;
package ch.ethz.inf.vs.ruab {
@ClassDescription("Ruab Cooja Plugin")
class RuabCoojaPlugin(mote: Mote, sim: Simulation, gui: GUI)
extends VisPlugin("Ruab plugin", gui, false)
with MotePlugin
var frontend: Frontend = null
val logger = Logger.getLogger(classOf[RuabCoojaPlugin])
var debugfile = ""
override def setConfigXML(config: Collection[Element], visAvailable: Boolean): Boolean = {"configuring Ruab plugin")
for (element <- config) {
element.getName match {
case "debugfile" => debugfile = element.getText
if (debugfile.isEmpty) {
throw new RuntimeException("no %s config found" format debugfile)
val ecdbg = new CoojaBackend(mote)
val dbginfo = new OcramDebugInformation(debugfile)
val tcdbg = new Ruab(dbginfo, ecdbg)
frontend = new CoojaGui(tcdbg, dbginfo, this)
override def getConfigXML(): Collection[Element] = {
val config = new ArrayList[Element]
val element = new Element("debugfile")
override def startPlugin(): Unit = {"starting Ruab plugin")
if (frontend == null) {
throw new RuntimeException("need config XML for this plugin")
} else frontend.start()
override def closePlugin(): Unit = {"stopping Ruab plugin")
if (frontend != null)
override def getMote(): Mote = mote
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