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xtc is a framework for building extensible source-to-source
translators and compilers.
xtc is copyrighted in parts by Robert Grimm, New York University,
Princeton University, and IBM; see each file's header for the relevant
copyright notice. xtc also is open source software and released in
parts under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 and the GNU
Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1, again as documented
in each file's header.
<p />Generally, most code in xtc is released under the GPL. However,
most runtime classes for <em>Rats!</em>-generated parsers, including
classes for representing AST nodes, are released under the LGPL.
Furthermore, all runtime classes for Typical-generated type checkers
are released under the LGPL. In detail, the classes released under
the LGPL are:<ul>
<li>{@link xtc.parser.ParserBase}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.parser.Column}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.parser.Result}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.parser.SemanticValue}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.parser.ParseError}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.parser.ParseException}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.Location}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.Locatable}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.Node}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.Token}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.Annotation}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.Formatting}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.tree.GNode}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Analyzer}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Name}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Primitives}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Record}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Reduction}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Scope}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.ScopeKind}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Tuple}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.typical.Variant}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.Action}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.EmptyIterator}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.Function}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.Pair}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.Runtime}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.SingletonIterator}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.State}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.SymbolTable}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.Tool}</li>
<li>{@link xtc.util.Utilities}</li>
To ensure that a <em>Rats!</em>-generated parser is compatible with
the LGPL, invoke <em>Rats!</em> with the <code>-lgpl</code> command
line argument.