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copy's dotfiles

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  • .config/awesome/rc.lua is the config file for awesome, a lightweight, tiling window manager.
  • neovim, nvimpager, nvimdiff
  • The following programs are sandboxed using bubblewrap (OCaml required): chromium, evince, feh, firefox, file, mpv, neomutt, qutebrowser
  • zsh config using grml's base config
  • Mostly uncluttered $HOME


  • git clone && cd dotfiles
  • Verify that isn't malicious, installs only the files you want and run it (it will print a diff for files that already exist)
  • Or copy files from the repository manually
  • (optionally) copy user.js to your Firefox profile directory manually
  • (optionally) edit and run .local/bin/ as root to install packages using pacman and do some system-wide configuration