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@@ -101,9 +101,7 @@ How to build, run and embed?
# grab the main repo
-git clone
-cd v86
+git clone && cd v86
# grab the disk images
wget -P images/{linux.iso,linux3.iso,kolibri.img,windows101.img,os8.dsk,freedos722.img,openbsd.img}
@@ -119,35 +117,25 @@ make build/libv86.js
-Similar projects have been done before, but I decided to work on this as a fun
-project and learn something about the x86 architecture. It has grown pretty
-advanced and I got Linux and KolibriOS working, so there might be some actual
-If you build something interesting, let me know.
Here's an overview of the operating systems supported in v86:
- Linux works pretty well. Graphical boot fails in many versions, but you
mostly get a shell. The mouse is often not detected automatically.
- - Damn Small Linux (2.4 Kernel): Run with `lowram` and choose PS2 mouse in
- xsetup. Takes circa 10 minutes to boot.
+ - Damn Small Linux (2.4 Kernel): Works, takes circa 10 minutes to boot.
- Tinycore (3.0 kernel): `udev` and `X` fail, but you get a
- Nanolinux works.
- Archlinux works. Add `atkbd` to `MODULES` in `/etc/mkinitcpio.conf`.
- FreeDOS and Windows 1.01 run very well.
- KolibriOS works. A few applications need SSE.
-- Haiku boots, but takes very long (around 30 minutes). Set the memory size to 128MB.
+- Haiku boots, but takes very long (around 30 minutes).
- ReactOS doesn't work.
- No Android version seems to work, you still get a shell.
+- Windows 1, 95 and 98 work. Other versions current don't.
+- Many hobby operating systems work.
You can get some infos on the disk images here:
@@ -169,9 +157,10 @@ Simplified BSD License, see [LICENSE](LICENSE), unless otherwise noted.
-- Test cases via QEMU,
+- CPU test cases via QEMU,
- [Disk Images](
-- [The jor1k project]( for 9p and filesystem drivers
+- [The jor1k project]( for 9p, filesystem and uart drivers
+- [WinWorld]( sources of some old operating systems
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