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MySQL support added. Still need to work on it, especially on the localization model which includes SQL requests for both MySQL and Postgres. But that works; might be useful for those of us willing to use this nice tool with their favorite DB server.

clarif added some commits Jun 5, 2012
@clarif clarif SQL fragment (in enabled_in_order) updated: prefixed with 'locales'
'key' alone is a reserved keyword in MySQL.
@clarif clarif SQL requests updated to support MySQL
This is a (working) temporary solution based on SQL requests provided here: copycopter#64 (comment). Works for MySLQ and Postres; should be updated with ActiveRecord methods calls to be database agnostic.
@clarif clarif data and hierarchichal_data updated to work with MySQL.
The migration alters those fields to LONGTEXT. With TEXT, data were truncated. The :limit => 16777217 forces AR to use LONGTEXT.
copycopter member

I'd love to see code that doesn't have if statements based on the DB type. We should probably endeavor to either maintain PG solely or make the database calls generic enough to be supported by all/most DB's.

Holding off merging for now.


So, any plans on merging/developing this? We'd love if we were able to run the server against MySQL...


All I know is i copied this into my own installation and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the patch Clarif

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