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.. is a Vintage Story mod which enables Mumble positional audio through its Link plugin.

When using the mod and connected to a multiplayer server, players who are in the same voice chat channel are able to hear one another spatially in 3D, relative to their avatars' positions in-game.

This mod is only required on clients to function, but requires the separate voice chat program Mumble, and a Mumble server to connect to. Headphones highly recommended.

Download / Installation

Available right here through GitHub Releases.

To install, start the game and go to the Mod Manager in the main menu. There you can find a button labeled Open Mod Folder that will open said folder in your file explorer. Simply put the .zip file you downloaded into here without extracting it.


To enable positional audio in Mumble:

  • Check the ② Positional Audio checkbox.
  • Ensure that ④ Link to Game and Transmit Position is checked and the ⑤ Link plugin is enabled.
  • Ensure that you're using a stereo ① audio output device. Headphones recommended.

Notes on configuring ③ Positional Audio further:

  • Minimum Distance: Below this distance, the volume of other players will be at 100%.
  • Bloom: I believe this has something to do with the distance falloff curve.
  • Maximum Distance: Above this distance, the volume of other players will be at Minimum Volume.
  • Minimum Volume: The quietest you will ever hear other players. Use 100% to disable distance falloff altogether. Use 0% for maximum immersion - being unable to hear players when they're too far away.

These settings will only affect how you hear others. For best effect, make sure that everyone is using the same values. I recommend leaving Minimum Distance and Bloom alone and adjusting the other two based to your group's preferences.


If you are a Linux user that installed Vintage Story as a Flatpak, you will need to give Vintage Story access to shared memory for the connection with Mumble to work. To do that:

  • Install Flatseal. This allows you to change the settings of Flatpak Apps.
  • Once installed, open Flatseal and click on Vintage Story.
  • Scroll down to the option "Shared Memory" (under "Device"), and enable it.
  • Restart the game if it is open.


This mod was initially created over the course of 2 days with the help of my amazing friend Nikky and overwhelming emotional support of those who watched my Twitch stream.


Vintage Story mod that enables Mumble positional audio support through its Link plugin