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.. is a Minecraft mod using Fabric Loader and API that (currently) simply adds a Pouch item.


Available right here through GitHub Releases.


You can fill pouches with up to 9 stacks of any supported item, which includes most farmables (seeds and their resulting crops), saplings and flowers. Open it by sneaking and right-clicking in the air. Once a pouch has any item in it, it will automatically collect more of them as you pick them up.

They have the functionality to use the contained items in a 3x3 space centered on a block you click (such as planting up to 9 seeds), as well as feeding or breeding animals in a radius around the one you interact with. When sneaking, only the clicked block or entity is interacted with.

Crafting Recipe

  • 6x Wool (any color)
  • 2x String
  • 1x Leather


On the more technical side of things – in case you want to support PocketBags in your mod or modpack – pouches allow any item inside of them that is tagged as pocketbags:pouchable, which automatically includes all saplings, flowers and c:seeds.