Quick and dirty Sinatra app to act as a server for Pivotal to fetch bugs from Airbrake
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  1. Grab a copy of the source

     git clone git://github.com/steveh/airbrake_to_pivotal.git
  2. Create a Heroku app

     heroku create myapp
  3. Your airbrake username is from eg http://acme.airbrakeapp.com/

     heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_USERNAME=acme
  4. This is your user auth token, not the project auth token, which doesn't work. From eg http://acme.airbrakeapp.com/users/12345/edit

     heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_AUTH_TOKEN=deadbeef
  5. You can leave the requestor blank, if you like.

     heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_REQUESTOR="John Smith"
  6. Your project ID is from eg http://acme.airbrakeapp.com/projects/12345/errors

     heroku config:add AIRBRAKE_PROJECT_ID=12345
  7. Pick a username for Pivotal to use

     heroku config:add HTTP_BASIC_USERNAME=pivotal
  8. Pick a password for Pivotal to use

     heroku config:add HTTP_BASIC_PASSWORD=password
  9. Deploy to Heroku

     git push heroku master
  10. Test you're getting XML back

    open http://myapp.heroku.com/
  11. Add the integration to Pivotal. From the "Configure Integrations" page, add an "Other" integration.

  12. From the "More" menu of Pivotal Tracker you should see "Airbrake"

  13. Buy me a beer.