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copyleft-next ("this License")
1. License Grants, Pass-Through and Non-grants
Subject to the terms of this License, I grant You:
a. A non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable
copyright license, to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative
works of, publicly perform, and publicly display My Work.
b. A non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable
patent license under Licensed Patents, to make, have made, use,
sell, offer for sale, and import Covered Works.
When You distribute a Covered Work, the recipient automatically
receives these same license grants from Me.
This License does not grant any rights in My name, trademarks, service
marks, or logos.
2. Distributing Covered Works
You may distribute a Covered Work, subject to the terms in sections
FIXME, which are conditions of this License.
3. Notices
Source Code versions of Covered Works must preserve all pertinent
Legal Notices contained in My Work, except that You may make limited
reasonable reorganizations of existing Legal Notices for purposes of
4. Copyleft
Any copyrightable content You add to the Covered Work must be licensed
under this License or a Compatible License.
Distribution of such content separate from other parts of the Covered
Work does not in itself cause such content to not be part of the
Covered Work.
5. Object Code
If You distribute a Covered Work in Object Code form, You must include
with the Object Code a URL through which the Covered Work's CCS may be
copied by the general public, at no charge, through some standard or
customary means.
If you distribute the Object Code in a physical product or tangible
storage medium ("Product"), the CCS must be available through such URL
for two years from the date of Your most recent distribution of the
Object Code in the Product.
However, if the Product itself contains or is accompanied by its CCS,
You need not additionally comply with the first two paragraphs of this
Each recipient of the Covered Work downstream from You is an intended
third-party beneficiary of this License solely as to section 5, with
the right to enforce its terms.
6. No Further Restrictions
You may not impose restrictions on the exercise of permissions granted
under this License beyond those contained in this License. This
condition is not excused merely because such restrictions result from
Your compliance with obligations extrinsic to this License (such as a
court order or an agreement with a third party).
The following activities do not violate this section:
a. Distribution of a Covered Work incorporating material governed by a
Compatible License, but the requirement in section FIXME to provide
Corresponding Source is in no case limited by this permission. If
the Compatible License is a GPL-Family License, and a condition in
the Compatible License conflicts with any of the terms of this
License, You have permission to comply with that Compatible License
b. Narrowly-tailored measures taken by You to comply with applicable
export control laws.
c. Entering into a contract with a distributee for support,
maintenance or similar services, including contracts that have the
effect of creating temporary disincentives to exercise permissions
under this License.
7. Network Services Copyleft
If You provide a Network Service by running a Covered Work prepared by
You, the Network Service must inform Service Users how they may obtain
the NSS, at no cost, by some standard or customary means of providing
network access to source code.
If I explicitly state in My Work that I opt out of this condition, it
shall not apply to You. You cannot opt out unless I have opted out.
8. Nullification of Copyleft/Proprietary Dual Licensing
If I distribute a Covered Work under a Proprietary License, then the
licenses I grant You under section 1 are no longer subject to the
conditions in sections 2 and 3. "Proprietary License" means a license
which (i) is not royalty-free, (ii) does not permit distribution,
(iii) does not permit preparation of derivative works, (iv) limits the
number of licensed users or copies, and/or (iv) contains field-of-use
9. Copyleft Sunset
The conditions in sections 4 through 8 no longer apply once fifteen
years have elapsed from the date of My first distribution of My Work
under this License.
10. Termination
Your license grants under section 1 are automatically terminated if
a. Fail to comply with the conditions of this License, unless You cure
such noncompliance within thirty days after becoming aware of it,
b. Initiate a patent infringement litigation claim (excluding
counterclaims and cross-claims) alleging that all or part of My
Work directly or indirectly infringes a patent.
Termination of Your license grants extends to all copies of Covered
Works You subsequently obtain, but does not terminate the licenses of
those who have received copies of Covered Works from You.
Licenses needed solely to run a copy of a Covered Work shall never be
11. Later License Versions
The Copyleft-Next Project may release new versions of copyleft-next,
designated by a distinguishing version number ("Later Versions").
Unless I explicitly remove the option of distributing Covered Works
under Later Versions, You may distribute Covered Code under any Later
12. No Warranty
Covered Works are provided "as-is", without warranty. You bear the
risk of using it. To the extent permitted by applicable law, each
distributor of a Covered Work excludes the implied warranties of
title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and
13. Limitation of Liability
To the extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will any
distributor of a Covered Work be liable to You for any damages
whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, statutory
or consequential damages, whether arising under contract, tort
(including negligence), or otherwise, even where the distributor knew
or should have known about the possibility of such damages.
14. Severability
The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this License
does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of
this License. Such provision is to be reformed to the minimum extent
necessary to make it valid and enforceable.
15. Definitions
"Licensed Patents" means all patent claims licensable royalty-free by
Me, now or in the future, that are necessarily infringed by making,
using, or selling My Work.
"My Work" means a particular work of authorship that "I" (an
individual or legal entity) have placed under this License.
"Covered Work" means My Work or a derivative work or compilation, or a
work that otherwise contains all or part of My Work, but does not
include (i) mere aggregation of a Covered Work with a Separate Work,
(ii) a mere reproduction of My Work, or (iii) if My Work fails to
explicitly state an expectation otherwise, a work that merely
interacts with My Work through a published interface or merely makes
reference to My Work.
"Separate Work" means a work that is (i) separate from and independent
of a particular Covered Work and is not by its nature an extension or
enhancement of the Covered Work, and/or is (ii) a runtime library,
standard library, or similar component that is used to generate an
Object Code form of a Covered Work.
"Compatible License" means a license listed in Appendix A. The
non-inclusion of a license in Appendix A does not necessarily mean
that distribution of Covered Code incorporating material governed by
that license violates section 2 of this License.
"Copyleft-Next Project" means the project that maintains the source
code repository at <>
as of the release date of this License.
"Legal Notices" means copyright notices, license notices, license
texts and URIs pointing to license texts, and author attributions, but
does not include logos, other graphical images, trademarks, or
trademark legends.
"Source Code" means the preferred form of a work for making
modifications to it.
"Object Code" means any form of a work that is not Source Code.
"You"/"Your" refers to the individual or legal entity exercising
rights in My Work under this License.
CCS means: (i) the Source Code form of the Covered Work; (ii) all
scripts, instructions, know-how, and similar information that are
reasonably necessary for a skilled developer to generate such Object
Code from the Source Code provided under (i); and (iii) a list clearly
identifying all Separate Works (other than those provided in
compliance with (ii)) that were specifically used in building and (if
applicable) installing the Covered Work (for example, a specified
proprietary compiler including its version number). OCS must be
machine-readable and, to the extent that its licensing is not governed
by section 2 of this License, must be available under terms satisfying
the Free Software Foundation's Free Software Definition
(, version 1.135).
"Network Service" means delivery of software functionality to third-
party users in which users primarily access such functionality
remotely, through network requests made by a client program, such as a
web browser, to a server running the software.
NSS means: (i) the Source Code form of the Covered Work; (ii) all
scripts, instructions, know-how, and similar information that are
reasonably necessary to use the Covered Work to substantially
replicate the Network Service, and (iii) a list clearly identifying
all Separate Works that are specifically used in or required for
providing the Network Service (for example, a specified web server
including its version number).
Appendix A: Compatible Licenses
MIT License
2-Clause BSD License
3-Clause BSD License
Apache License 2.0
MPL 2.0
EPL 1.0
GPL-Family Licenses: