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A project for a collaborative, community-driven effort for the long-term maintenance and advertisement of Coq packages.


  1. manifesto manifesto Public

    Documentation on goals of the coq-community organization, the shared contributing guide and code of conduct.

    68 6

  2. hydra-battles hydra-battles Public

    Variations on Kirby & Paris' hydra battles and other entertaining math in Coq (collaborative, documented, includes exercises) [maintainer=@Casteran]

    Coq 52 13

  3. awesome-coq awesome-coq Public

    A curated list of awesome Coq libraries, plugins, tools, verification projects, and resources [maintainers=@anton-trunov,@palmskog]

    258 16

  4. vscoq vscoq Public

    A Visual Studio Code extension for Coq [maintainers=@rtetley,@maximedenes,@huynhtrankhanh,@thery,@Blaisorblade]

    OCaml 274 56

  5. docker-coq docker-coq Public

    Docker images of the Coq proof assistant (see also: [maintainers=@erikmd,@himito]

    Dockerfile 32 3

  6. templates templates Public

    Templates for configuration files and scripts useful for maintaining Coq projects [maintainers=@palmskog,@Zimmi48]

    Mustache 11 8


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