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A project for a collaborative, community-driven effort for the long-term maintenance and advertisement of Coq packages.

Pinned repositories

  1. Documentation on goals of the coq-community organization, the shared contributing guide and code of conduct.

    HTML 30 3

  2. A library of abstract interfaces for mathematical structures in Coq [maintainer=@spitters]

    Coq 100 35

  3. Coq Repository at Nijmegen [maintainer=@spitters]

    Coq 70 29

  4. This Coq plugin provides tactics for rewriting universally quantified equations, modulo associative (and possibly commutative) operators [maintainers=@fakusb,@palmskog]

    OCaml 13 10

  5. Coq plugin for parametricity [maintainer=@proux01]

    Coq 23 15

  6. Docker images of the Coq proof assistant [maintainer=@erikmd]

    Shell 9

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