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Coq'Art is the familiar name for the first book on the Coq proof assistant and its underlying theory, the Calculus of Inductive Constructions. This project contains the Coq sources of all examples and the solution to 170 out of over 200 exercises from the book.


Building instructions

git clone
cd coq-art
make   # or make -j <number-of-cores-on-your-machine>


For more information, see the book website and the publisher's website. The repository is also used as the source for this website.

Book chapters

The repository is structured as follows.

  1. A Brief Presentation of Coq
  2. Gallina: Coq as a Programming Language
  3. Propositions and Proofs
  4. Dependent Product
  5. Everyday Logic
  6. Inductive Data Structures
  7. Tactics and automation
  8. Inductive Predicates
  9. Functions and their specification
  10. Extraction and imperative programming
  11. A Case Study: binary search trees
  12. The Module System
  13. Infinite Objects and Proofs
  14. Foundations of Inductive Types
  15. General Recursion
  16. Proof by reflection

Additional material