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This library develops some of the basic concepts and results of general topology in Coq.


  • Author(s):
    • Daniel Schepler (initial)
  • Coq-community maintainer(s):
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or later
  • Compatible Coq versions: Coq 8.12 or later (use the corresponding branch or release for other Coq versions)
  • Additional dependencies:
    • Zorn's Lemma (set library that is part of this repository)
  • Coq namespace: Topology
  • Related publication(s): none

Building and installation instructions

The easiest way to install the latest released version of Topology is via OPAM:

opam repo add coq-released
opam install coq-topology

To instead build both Topology and Zorn's Lemma manually, do:

git clone
cd topology
make   # or make -j <number-of-cores-on-your-machine>

Contents of Topology, roughly grouped in related categories:

Basic definitions

  • TopologicalSpaces.v
  • InteriorsClosures.v
  • Neighborhoods.v
  • OpenBases.v
  • NeighborhoodBases.v
  • Subbases.v
  • Continuity.v
  • Homeomorphisms.v

Filters and nets

  • Filters.v
  • FilterLimits.v
  • DirectedSets.v
  • Nets.v
  • FiltersAndNets.v - various transformations between filters and nets


  • Compactness.v
  • Connectedness.v
  • CountabilityAxioms.v - first countable, second countable, separable, Lindelof
  • SeparatednessAxioms.v - T0, T1, Hausdorff, etc.

General constructions of topologies

  • OrderTopology.v
  • StrongTopology.v - strong topology induced by a family of maps from topological spaces
  • WeakTopology.v - weak topology induced by a family of maps to topological spaces
  • ProductTopology.v
  • SumTopology.v - also called "disjoint union" or "coproduct"
  • SubspaceTopology.v
  • QuotientTopology.v
  • ContinuousFactorization.v - a continuous map factors through its image

Metric spaces

  • MetricSpaces.v
  • Completeness.v
  • Completion.v
  • UniformTopology.v - the topology of uniform convergence

Real analysis

  • SupInf.v
  • RationalsInReals.v
  • RTopology.v - definition and properties of topology on R
  • RFuncContinuity.v - reproof of continuity of basic functions on R

"First nontrivial results of topology"

  • UrysohnsLemma.v
  • TietzeExtension.v

Contents of Zorn's Lemma

In alphabetical order, except where related files are grouped together:

  • Cardinals.v - cardinalities of sets

  • Ordinals.v - a construction of the ordinals without reference to well-orders

  • Classical_Wf.v - proofs of the classical equivalence of wellfoundedness, the minimal element property, and the descending sequence property

  • CSB.v - the Cantor-Schroeder-Bernstein theorem

  • DecidableDec.v - classic_dec: forall P: Prop, {P} + {~P}.

  • DependentTypeChoice.v - choice on a relation (forall a: A, B a -> Prop)

  • EnsemblesImplicit.v - settings for appropriate implicit parameters for the standard library's Ensembles functions

  • ImageImplicit.v - same for the standard library's Sets/Image

  • Relation_Definitions_Implicit.v - same for the standard library's Relation_Definitions

  • EnsemblesSpec.v - defines a notation for e.g. [ n: nat | n > 5 /\ even n ] : Ensemble nat.

  • EnsemblesTactics.v - defines tactics that help in proofs about Ensembles

  • EnsemblesUtf8.v - optional UTF-8 notations for set operations

  • Families.v - operations on families of subsets of X, i.e. Ensemble (Ensemble X)

  • IndexedFamilies.v - same for indexed families A -> Ensemble X

  • FiniteIntersections.v - defines the finite intersections of a family of subsets

  • FiniteTypes.v - definitions and results about finite types

  • CountableTypes.v - same for countable types

  • InfiniteTypes.v - same for infinite types

  • FunctionProperties.v - injective, surjective, etc.

  • InverseImage.v - inverse images of subsets under functions

  • Powerset_facts.v - some lemmas about the operations on subsets that the stdlib is missing

  • Proj1SigInjective.v - inclusion of { x: X | P x } into X is injective

  • Quotients.v - quotients by equivalence relations, and induced functions on them

  • ReverseMath - a folder with some results in constructive reverse mathematics

  • WellOrders.v - some basic properties of well-orders, including a proof that Zorn's Lemma implies the well-ordering principle

  • ZornsLemma.v - proof that choice implies Zorn's Lemma