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A collection of theories and plugins that may be useful in other Coq developments.


  • Use modules for controlling namespaces.
  • Avoid functors in favor of type classes since type classes are more flexible b/c they are first-class.
  • Notations should be hidden by modules that are explicitly opened.
    • This avoids clashes between precedence.
    • TB: Actually, this does not completely avoid clashes, if we have to open two modules at the same time (for instance, I often need to open Equality, to get dependent destruction, which conflicts with the rest of my development)
    • TB: I like the idea of having to prefix operations by the name of the module (e.g., DList.fold,, DList.T), and yet to benefit from the support of notations, without opening this module. I implement that by having a module DList that contains the operations, inside the file DList. The notations live in the file DList, and I do Require Import DList everywhere...
  • Avoid the use of the 'core' hint database.
  • Avoid the use of dependent functions, e.g. dependendent decidable equality, in favor of their boolen counter-parts. Use type-classes to expose the proofs.

File Structure

  • plugins/
    • Base directory to the provided plugins
  • theories/
    • Base directory to the provided theories

Install from OPAM

Make sure you added the Coq repository:

opam repo add coq-released

and run:

opam install coq-ext-lib