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(* v * The Coq Proof Assistant / The Coq Development Team *)
(* <O___,, * INRIA - CNRS - LIX - LRI - PPS - Copyright 1999-2012 *)
(* \VV/ **************************************************************)
(* // * This file is distributed under the terms of the *)
(* * GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 *)
open Util
open Names
open Term
open Termops
open Namegen
open Environ
open Type_errors
type pretype_error =
(* Old Case *)
| CantFindCaseType of constr
(* Unification *)
| OccurCheck of existential_key * constr
| NotClean of existential_key * constr * Evar_kinds.t
| UnsolvableImplicit of Evd.evar_info * Evar_kinds.t *
Evd.unsolvability_explanation option
| CannotUnify of constr * constr
| CannotUnifyLocal of constr * constr * constr
| CannotUnifyBindingType of constr * constr
| CannotGeneralize of constr
| NoOccurrenceFound of constr * identifier option
| CannotFindWellTypedAbstraction of constr * constr list
| WrongAbstractionType of name * constr * types * types
| AbstractionOverMeta of name * name
| NonLinearUnification of name * constr
(* Pretyping *)
| VarNotFound of identifier
| UnexpectedType of constr * constr
| NotProduct of constr
| TypingError of type_error
exception PretypeError of env * Evd.evar_map * pretype_error
let precatchable_exception = function
| Errors.UserError _ | TypeError _ | PretypeError _
| Loc.Exc_located(_,(Errors.UserError _ | TypeError _ |
Nametab.GlobalizationError _ | PretypeError _)) -> true
| _ -> false
let nf_evar = Reductionops.nf_evar
let j_nf_evar sigma j =
{ uj_val = nf_evar sigma j.uj_val;
uj_type = nf_evar sigma j.uj_type }
let j_nf_betaiotaevar sigma j =
{ uj_val = nf_evar sigma j.uj_val;
uj_type = Reductionops.nf_betaiota sigma j.uj_type }
let jl_nf_evar sigma jl = (j_nf_evar sigma) jl
let jv_nf_betaiotaevar sigma jl = (j_nf_betaiotaevar sigma) jl
let jv_nf_evar sigma = (j_nf_evar sigma)
let tj_nf_evar sigma {utj_val=v;utj_type=t} =
{utj_val=nf_evar sigma v;utj_type=t}
let env_nf_evar sigma env =
(fun d e -> push_rel (map_rel_declaration (nf_evar sigma) d) e) env
let env_nf_betaiotaevar sigma env =
(fun d e ->
push_rel (map_rel_declaration (Reductionops.nf_betaiota sigma) d) e) env
(* This simplifies the typing context of Cases clauses *)
(* hope it does not disturb other typing contexts *)
let contract env lc =
let l = ref [] in
let contract_context (na,c,t) env =
match c with
| Some c' when isRel c' ->
l := (substl !l c') :: !l;
| _ ->
let t' = substl !l t in
let c' = (substl !l) c in
let na' = named_hd env t' na in
l := (mkRel 1) :: (lift 1) !l;
push_rel (na',c',t') env in
let env = process_rel_context contract_context env in
(env, (substl !l) lc)
let contract2 env a b = match contract env [a;b] with
| env, [a;b] -> env,a,b | _ -> assert false
let contract3 env a b c = match contract env [a;b;c] with
| env, [a;b;c] -> env,a,b,c | _ -> assert false
let raise_pretype_error (loc,env,sigma,te) =
Loc.raise loc (PretypeError(env,sigma,te))
let raise_located_type_error (loc,env,sigma,te) =
Loc.raise loc (PretypeError(env,sigma,TypingError te))
let error_actual_type_loc loc env sigma {uj_val=c;uj_type=actty} expty =
let env, c, actty, expty = contract3 env c actty expty in
let j = {uj_val=c;uj_type=actty} in
raise_located_type_error (loc, env, sigma, ActualType (j, expty))
let error_cant_apply_not_functional_loc loc env sigma rator randl =
(loc, env, sigma, CantApplyNonFunctional (rator, Array.of_list randl))
let error_cant_apply_bad_type_loc loc env sigma (n,c,t) rator randl =
(loc, env, sigma,
CantApplyBadType ((n,c,t), rator, Array.of_list randl))
let error_ill_formed_branch_loc loc env sigma c i actty expty =
(loc, env, sigma, IllFormedBranch (c, i, actty, expty))
let error_number_branches_loc loc env sigma cj expn =
raise_located_type_error (loc, env, sigma, NumberBranches (cj, expn))
let error_case_not_inductive_loc loc env sigma cj =
raise_located_type_error (loc, env, sigma, CaseNotInductive cj)
let error_ill_typed_rec_body_loc loc env sigma i na jl tys =
(loc, env, sigma, IllTypedRecBody (i, na, jl, tys))
let error_not_a_type_loc loc env sigma j =
raise_located_type_error (loc, env, sigma, NotAType j)
(*s Implicit arguments synthesis errors. It is hard to find
a precise location. *)
let error_occur_check env sigma ev c =
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma, OccurCheck (ev,c)))
let error_not_clean env sigma ev c (loc,k) =
Loc.raise loc (PretypeError (env, sigma, NotClean (ev,c,k)))
let error_unsolvable_implicit loc env sigma evi e explain =
Loc.raise loc
(PretypeError (env, sigma, UnsolvableImplicit (evi, e, explain)))
let error_cannot_unify env sigma (m,n) =
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,CannotUnify (m,n)))
let error_cannot_unify_local env sigma (m,n,sn) =
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,CannotUnifyLocal (m,n,sn)))
let error_cannot_coerce env sigma (m,n) =
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,CannotUnify (m,n)))
let error_cannot_find_well_typed_abstraction env sigma p l =
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,CannotFindWellTypedAbstraction (p,l)))
let error_wrong_abstraction_type env sigma na a p l =
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,WrongAbstractionType (na,a,p,l)))
let error_abstraction_over_meta env sigma hdmeta metaarg =
let m = Evd.meta_name sigma hdmeta and n = Evd.meta_name sigma metaarg in
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,AbstractionOverMeta (m,n)))
let error_non_linear_unification env sigma hdmeta t =
let m = Evd.meta_name sigma hdmeta in
raise (PretypeError (env, sigma,NonLinearUnification (m,t)))
(*s Ml Case errors *)
let error_cant_find_case_type_loc loc env sigma expr =
raise_pretype_error (loc, env, sigma, CantFindCaseType expr)
(*s Pretyping errors *)
let error_unexpected_type_loc loc env sigma actty expty =
let env, actty, expty = contract2 env actty expty in
raise_pretype_error (loc, env, sigma, UnexpectedType (actty, expty))
let error_not_product_loc loc env sigma c =
raise_pretype_error (loc, env, sigma, NotProduct c)
(*s Error in conversion from AST to glob_constr *)
let error_var_not_found_loc loc s =
raise_pretype_error (loc, empty_env, Evd.empty, VarNotFound s)
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