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This file contains remarks specific to the windows port of Coq.
The Coq package for Windows comes with an auto-installer. It will
install Coq binaries and libraries under any directory you specify
(C:\Program Files\Coq is the default path). It also creates shortcuts
in the Windows menus. Alternatively, you can launch Coq using coqide.exe
or coqtop.exe in the bin sub-directory of the installation
(C:\Program Files\Coq\bin by default).
If you want to install coq, you had better transfer the precompiled
distribution. If you really need to recompile under Windows, here
are some indications:
1- Install ocaml for Windows (MinGW port).
2- Install a shell environment with at least:
- a C compiler (gcc),
- the GNU make utility
The Cygwin environment is well suited for compiling Coq
(official packages are made using Cygwin) See:
3- In order to compile Coqide, you will need the LablGTK library
You also need to install the GTK libraries for Windows (see the
installation instruction for LablGTK)
4- In a shell window, type successively
make world
make install
5- Though not nescessary, you can find useful:
- Windows version of (X)Emacs: it is a powerful environment for
developpers with coloured syntax, modes for compilation and debug,
and many more. It is free. See:
- Windows subversion client (very useful if you have access to the Coq
Good luck :-)
Alternatively, it is now possible (and even recommended ...) to build
Windows executables of coq from Linux thanks to a mingw cross-compiler.
If interested, please contact us for more details.
The Coq Team.
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