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This directory contains informations and tools to help developing the
Coq system
Debugging and profiling (in current directory - see doc/debugging.txt)
ocamldebug-coq: to launch ocaml debugger
db: to install pretty-printers from ocaml debugger
base_db: to install raw pretty-printers from ocaml debugger
include: to install pretty-printers from ocaml toplevel
base_include: to install raw pretty-printers from ocaml toplevel, ML pretty-printers for debugging
Miscellaneous informations about the code (directory doc)
changes.txt: (partial) per-version summary of the evolutions of Coq ML source
style.txt: a few style recommendations for writing Coq ML files
debugging.txt: help for debugging or profiling
universes.txt: help to debug universes
translate.txt: help to use coq translator
extensions.txt: some help about TACTIC EXTEND
header: standard header for Coq ML files
perf-analysis: analysis of perfs measured on the compilation of user contribs
cic.dtd: official dtd of the calc. of ind. constr. for im/ex-portation
Documentation of ML interfaces using ocamldoc (directory ocamldoc/html)
"make mli-doc" in coq root directory.
Other development tools (directory tools)
Makefile.dir: makefile dedicated to intensive work in a given directory
Makefile.subdir: makefile dedicated to intensive work in a given subdirectory
Makefile.devel: utilities to automatically launch coq in various states
Makefile.common: used by other Makefiles
objects.el: various development utilities at emacs level
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