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This file contains remarks specific to the windows port of Coq.
The windows distribution of Coq consists of an installer that should
perform all installation steps. CoqIde (a GTK interface to Coq) can
be installed. In case the GTK runtime libraries are not installed,
the Coq installer can be set to make a copy of those libraries
within the directory of Coq.
However, if the files are installed but Coq does not work properly,
some steps can be made manually.
Let us assume that the installation dir was c:\coq. The following
environment variables must be set as:
set COQBIN=c:\coq\bin
set COQLIB=c:\coq\lib
On win9x systems, this is achieved by inserting the 2 lines above
in the autoexec.bat file of the system. On other windows systems,
environment variables can be configured via the System application
of the Control Panel. Then select the Advanced tab.
The .bat files in c:\coq should now launch Coq (or CoqIde).
The COQBIN path can also be added to the PATH. This might be a
bad idea if the GTK libraries of Coq's installer were installed
since they might conflict with already installed GTK libraries.
If you want to install coq, you had better transfer the precompiled
distribution. If you really need to recompile under Windows, here
are some indications:
1- Install ocaml version 3.06 or later (mingw port preferably).
2- Install a complete set of Unix utilities (used by Makefiles).
3- Under cygwin, type successively
make world
make install
make clean
4- Though not nescessary, you can find useful:
- Windows version of (X)Emacs: it is a powerful environment for
developpers with coloured syntax, modes for compilation and debug,
and many more. It is free. See:
- Windows cvs client (very useful if you have access to the Coq
If you are lost, you could find help at:
Good luck :-)
The Coq Team.
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