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emacs config: next-error search path ok even if default-directory unset.

This way next-error behaves accordingly with make -C. Making the setting
of default-directory independent of the compile/next-error setting.

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1 parent 6a43dd3 commit 427e97df9f723cc47e5053c743dfe19daee88511 courtieu committed Oct 22, 2013
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@@ -17,9 +17,10 @@
;; Setting the compilation directory to coq root. This is
;; mutually exclusive with the setting of default-directory
- ;; below.
+ ;; below. Also setting the path for next error.
(unless coq-project-find-file
- (setq compile-command (concat "make -C " coq-root-directory)))
+ (setq compile-command (concat "make -C " coq-root-directory))
+ (setq compilation-search-path (cons coq-root-directory nil)))
;; Set default directory to coq root ONLY IF variable
;; coq-project-find-file is non nil. This should remain a

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