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Bug 2823: update INSTALL.ide in order to ask for lablgtksourceview

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26 INSTALL.ide
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
CoqIde Installation procedure.
CoqIde is a graphical interface to perform interactive proofs.
-You should be able to do everything you do in coqtop inside CoqIde
+You should be able to do everything you do in coqtop inside CoqIde
excepted dropping to the ML toplevel.
DISCLAIMER: CoqIde is ongoing work. Although it should never let you
@@ -23,10 +23,10 @@ On Gentoo GNU/Linux, do:
Else, read the rest of this document to compile your own CoqIde.
- - OCaml >= 3.11 with native threads support.
+ - OCaml >= 3.11.2 with native threads support.
- make world must succeed.
- The graphical toolkit GTK+ 2.x. See
- The official supported version is at least 2.10.x.
+ The official supported version is at least 2.24.x.
You may still compile CoqIde with older versions and
use all features.
@@ -40,36 +40,36 @@ REQUIREMENT:
install GTK+ 2.x should you need to force it for one reason
or another.)
- - The OCaml bindings for GTK+ 2.x, lablgtk2.
+ - The OCaml bindings for GTK+ 2.x, lablgtk2 with support for gtksourceview2.
- You need at least version 2.12.0.
+ You need at least version 2.14.2.
Your distribution may contain precompiled packages. For
example, for Debian, run
- aptitude install liblablgtk2-ocaml-dev
+ aptitude install liblablgtksourceview2-ocaml-dev
for Mandriva, run
- urpmi ocaml-lablgtk2-devel
+ urpmi ocaml-lablgtk-devel
If it does not, see
- .
One official releases of lablgtk2 is here:
If you are in a hurry just run :
cd /tmp && \
wget \
- && \
- tar zxvf lablgtk-2.10.1.tar.gz && \
- cd lablgtk-2.10.1 && \
+ && \
+ tar zxvf lablgtk-2.14.2.tar.gz && \
+ cd lablgtk-2.14.2 && \
./configure && \
make world && \
make install
You must have write access to the OCaml standard library path.
- If this fails, read lablgtk-2.10.1/README.
+ If this fails, read lablgtk-2.14.2/README.
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