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A decidability property of functional relations over decidable codoma…


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@@ -175,7 +175,16 @@ Proof.
unfold decidable. tauto.
+(* Functional relations on decidable co-domains are decidable *)
+Theorem dec_functional_relation :
+ forall (X Y : Type) (A:X->Y->Prop), (forall y y' : Y, decidable (y=y')) ->
+ (forall x, exists! y, A x y) -> forall x y, decidable (A x y).
+intros X Y A Hdec H x y.
+destruct (H x) as (y',(Hex,Huniq)).
+destruct (Hdec y y') as [->|Hnot]; firstorder.
(** With the following hint database, we can leverage [auto] to check
decidability of propositions. *)

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