CoqIW2016 log

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After the CIW


  • Emilio:
    • Improve PR#185, fix some spacing inconsistencies between color and regular printer.
    • Verified that mirror-core and HoTT can be added to coq-contribs. They have a few problems with trunk thou.
    • Updated PR#145 to trunk, new PR#186
    • Add preliminary META file to Coq, PR #187


  • Emilio:
    • Tested performance with -flambda, no difference found with default options between 4.03.0 and 4.03.1+flambda. I couldn't get make to work with -O3 -unbox
    • Misc work on patches and many discussions with people.
    • Finish PR#180/181 in a satisfactory way.
    • Remove unused confusing print tagging functions. This is a first step of a larger cleanup.



  • Extraction's corner cases do not occur in Compcert
  • Coq does not try to print "constant names" with the same qualification the user did input them. The Nametab still picks the shortest, non ambiguous, qualification.
  • Emilio:
    • Submitted PR#178: Backport of the new universe checking algorithm to V8.5
    • Moved coq-serapi to trunk. Note issues with serializing Genarg.
    • Review PR#143 with Enrico.
    • Submitted new version of PR#143 -> PR#179, seems ready.
    • Review problems of PR#178 with Matthieu, seems he has some idea.
  • Yves:
    • Work on plugins/romega/ReflOmegaCore.v, making it robust to number structures where the equality is just an equivalence relation compatible with the operations.
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