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What happens at the Coq Coding Sprint

This page is to log all the activities done during the Coq Implementors Workshop. Please put here links to the bugs you've fixed, to the git repository containing your plugin or your experimental branch.

Monday 12

  • Intro talk by Matthieu
  • Matthieu: Unification, universes in template-coq and CONTRIBUTING
  • Nicolas, Thierry no particular projects
  • Abhishek: unused variables test and universes in template-coq
  • Emilio: Few minor PRs.

Tuesday 13

  • Emilio: Talk about UI; spend afternoon discussing about side-effects and STM init. Ported ELPI to jsCoq.

Wednesday 14

Thursday 15

Friday 16

Abhishek: Tested the above-mentioned "reduce away var" plugin to strengthen a free theorem produced by paramcoq-iff. The above plugin removes a hypothesis in 0.8s. Using coq's [lazy] tactic takes 30s.

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