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The WG took place on friday April 4th at Sophie Germain, 3rd floor, in the morning, from 9.30am to noon (coffee at 9am). No talks were given, it was mainly a developers meeting about the status of 8.5 and the remaining issues associated to it.

Talking points

  • -R/-I (15min)
  • .aux and .native files vis-a-vis Makefiles (15min)
  • Guardedness check patch (30min)
  • [instantiate] tactic in the new proof engine (30min)
  • Survey results (15min)
  • Consortium (30min)
  • Other issues (30mins-1hour).
    • Locality stuffs : Bug 3206 (Arguments), Bug 3264 (rewrite)
    • ideslave protocol status
  • Status of migrating coq web services (if time permits)


Bruno Barras, Pierre Boutillier, Maxime Denès (remotely), Yann Régis-Gianas, Julien Forest, Hugo Herbelin, Pierre Letouzey, Guillaume Melquiond, Matthieu Sozeau, Bas Spitters, Arnaud Spiwack, Pierre-Marie Pédrot, Enrico Tassi


  • Maxime implemented a restriction of the guardness criterion in situations such as "f (match c with ... => b end)" which preserves consistency with axioms such as propositional extensionality.
  • Discussion on backporting the patch to 8.4 as it happens that requiring the file Ensembles.v, which states propositional extensionality, is inconsistent with the commutative cuts extension of the guard:
    • For 8.4pl4: too late because it has to be made on now
    • For 8.4pl5: Maxime proposes to turns his patch into a warning whenever the extension of the guard which is inconsistent with propositional extensionality is used

Primitive integers

  • Native compilation not yet aware that Int31 can be compiled to words. Maxime will do it for 8.5
  • Discussion on having primitive integers in the syntax of constr for 8.5. Maxime would prefer to wait for next version

Native compilation

  • Do we keep the files .aux and .native as they are: yes

Ideslave protocol status

  • Initial communication should be textual and not ocaml marshalling so that e.g. vi can communicate with coq.
  • Question about separating the release of CoqIDE from Coq: People developing IDE's should talk (Pierre Courtieu, Thomas Refis, Enrico Tassi, Pierre Letouzey, ...)

Options -R, -I and -L

  • Long discussion. Patch from Guillaume Melquiond is accepted.

Tactic "instantiate"

  • Tactic "instantiate" does not support instantiation of variables of the context which were not named explicitly. Arnaud will update the documentation accordingly.

Other points

  • Paper on Coq: nothing new at this time
  • Action de Développement Technologique has been accepted
  • Consortium: Matthieu is willing to make progress on the consortium, taking contact with Yves
  • Yann asks about making the development of coqdoc asynchronous to the one of Coq

Status of migrating coq web services

  • Move to Jenkins for benches
  • Pierre B., Matthieu are going to proceed
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