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This page is used to organize the next Coq Working Group (in French GT Coq).


The next Coq Working Group will take place at Sophie Germain, PPS on the 3rd floor, on march 24th, at 10am.


  • 10:10 Hugo on opam + discussion
  • 11:10 Arthur Charguéraud: The library versioning problem (5 min + discussion).
  • 11:30 Arthur Charguéraud: Modernizing tactic programming: a case study (15 min + discussion).
  • 12:00 Miscellaneous points
    • Short report on Jenkins for Coq (Maxime)
    • Can we make a -debug version of Coq easily installable/prebuilt? (traces are nice) (Enrico)
    • Native compute & prebuilt .cmxs in non-opam scenarios (Enrico)
    • Summary of things to do and release schedule for 8.5 beta2, 8.5 beta3 (Hugo)
  • 13:00 Lunch at the pizzeria
  • 14:30 Debugging session
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