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The WG was held in Paris on July 8th at PPS, Sophie Germain, 10am.


Yves Bertot, Maxime Dénès, Hugo Herbelin, Guillaume Melquiond, Pierre Letouzey, Cyprien Mangin, Pascal Manoury, Thomas Sibut-Pinote, Matthieu Sozeau, Enrico Tassi.


  • Pascal Manoury: An ordinal measure for proof termination (diapos: gtcoq.pdf (lost attachment))

Talking points

  • Pull requests from the CoqCS

    • Most pull requests are for trunk, and this is postponed
  • Document opam archive / contribs on Coq's www

    • Constatation of some progresses
    • Majority against guaranteeing that submitted packages will be maintained from one version of Coq to the other: the idea is that the developers will do "best effort"
  • Status of v8.5

    • we shall do a beta3 and Matthieu is appointed responsible of the finalization of the 8.5
    • reminder: only bug fixes to be committed in 8.5 (e.g. f_equal to be solved for 8.6)
    • developers shal mark in documentation and CHANGES their features which are not stable yet (e.g. universe polymorphism)
  • Reflections on development organization (Yves Bertot)

    See [].

  • Miscellaneous

    • Mail traffic from github: we shall use a specific list, different from coqdev
    • Discussion about sympa for coq-club: search is painful, no indexing; a possible alternative is to use gmane.
    • discussion about a few committing rules:
      • to start commit messages by a 80-line description followed by a blank line; the body of the commit message comes after (idea: will serve for the change log)
      • no constraint on removing spaces at end of lines
      • avoid obfuscating a semantic change with syntactic changes (which cannot be hidden with "git diff -w")
      • it is recommended to limit the lines to 80 characters in files
    • use of ocamlfind: consensus for following the move of the community towards using it, even though it is not necessary for compiling Coq
    • immutable strings #4278 (skipped)
    • Primitive projection representation (skipped)
    • left2right ref in kernel (skipped)
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