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This Coq Working Group took place on December 18th and 19th at Inria Paris (2, rue Simone Iff). Videos are available on Coq's YouTube channel



  • 10h-11h:

  • 11h15-12h15:

    • Attributes (Vincent, 30 min)
    • Integers and arrays (Maxime, 30 min)
  • 14h-15h:

    • API - Emilio
  • 15h30-..: Technical work in groups, subject proposals (need one lead per group, not two groups with same lead).

    • EConstr API completion (taking input from e.g. Equations, ssreflect) Lead: Matthieu Participants: Cyprien? Pierre-Marie? Emilio
    • Evar_source/evar_kinds Lead: ? Participants: Matthieu, ...
    • Future goals and the shelf etc... looking at what unifall-infra adds there. Lead: ? Participants: Maxime, Emilio
    • Porting the ssr plugin to modern APIs Lead: Maxime Participants: Georges ? Pierre-Marie ? Enrico ? Emilio


  • 10h-11h00:

    • Plugin Developer Program (Emilio, 30 min)
    • Fire drill
  • 11h15-12h15:

    • A presentation of TLC 2.0 (covering library design, not tactics) (Arthur, 45min + questions)
  • 14h-15h:

    • Evaluation inside Coq with non-constructive recursive definitions (Arthur, 20 min)
    • Coq Meetup [Théo, Emilio] (15 min)
  • 15h

    • coq-community, a new birth for Coq contribs (Théo, 25 minutes), or Ltac2 (or Ltac3) by Pierre-Marie (or Enrico)
  • 15h30-..: Working groups

PRs that need to be discussed (possibly around a computer)

From oldest to most recent:

Issues that need to be discussed (possibly around a computer)


  • Yves Bertot
  • Cyril Cohen
  • Maxime Dénès
  • Emilio Gallego
  • Gaëtan Gilbert
  • Georges Gonthier
  • Hugo Herbelin
  • Vincent Laporte
  • Guillaume Melquiond
  • Pierre-Marie Pédrot
  • Matthieu Sozeau
  • Enrico Tassi
  • Théo Zimmermann
  • Arthur Charguéraud
  • Cyprien Mangin
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