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Create a CoqIDE bundle on macOS

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:warning: MacOS and gtk move too fast for this page to be up to date. If you try it, you're on your own!

:warning: This page has been extracted from the old macOS install page because it doesn't really concern users. It hasn't been tested in a very long time and more up-to-date instructions can probably be extracted from the current build scripts in the sources of Coq.

  • Get Xcode and Command line tools Xcode
  • Get gtk-mac-integration (that require the Quartz backend of gtk) and gtksourceview2 libraries. I used jhbuild. I did
    • curl -LO
    • sh
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild bootstrap
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build python (used to be necessary, seems OK under 10.10)
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-core
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build gtksourceview

:warning: This never work on the first time. Get ready to patch gtksourceview (something like fix_gtksourceview.patch (lost attachment)), download some tar.xz by hand, recall autoconf with extra arguments, ...

  • Get coq OCaml build dependencies (OCaml, camlp5, lablgtk2, lablgtkosx). I did it using opam by
    • Get the opam binary on the opam github page. Put it somewhere on path, give it x rights. Do opam init and then the command opam asks you to do to config your shell.
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild run opam install lablgtkosx camlp5
  • Get coq >= v8.5 sources
  • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild run ./configure -opt -prefix '''whatever'''
  • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild run make bin/CoqIDE_''''''.app

You've got a CoqIDE (without coqtop so it will asks you for it if you launch it)

  • Add a coq installation in the bundle can be done independently from generating the bundle as long as you use the same version of the OCaml compiler and a coq that speaks the same protocol.

If you've ./configure -opt -prefix '''somewhere_there_is_nothing''' do

  • make -j 4 coq copide-toploop
  • make install-coq -install-coqide-toploop
  • ditto '''somewhere_there_is_nothing''' '''correct_path'''/CoqIDE_''''''.app/Contents/Resources/
  • codesign -f -s - '''correct_path'''/CoqIDE_''''''.app

Put an extra package in a CoqIDE bundle

  • Get command line tools for Xcode.

:warning: If this is a plugin (containing ml* files), you'll have to be an ocaml compiler compatible with the one used to create the bundle.

  • export COQBIN='''correct_path'''/
  • maybe ${COQBIN}coq_makefile -f _CoqProject -o Makefile
  • make -j 2 && make install
  • :warning: codesign -f -s - '''correct_path'''/
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