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Dune information for Coq developers

The main readme is at https://github.com/coq/coq/blob/master/dev/doc/build-system.dune.md


How to use dune-built Coq?

A complete Coq build is at _build/install/default. It usually suffices to call the binary, however dune exec may help with PATH and such.

How to install with dune (without opam)

Use dune-install or any tool that understand .install files.

dune complains about "File foo is both generated by a rule and present in the source tree."

This is generally caused by having used the make-based build system in the past. dune expects to have control over generated files (which it mostly puts in _build except for a few like .merlin), but the make-based system does not respect this assumption.

make distclean should resolve the issue. Occasionally this won't be enough (generally version A generated foo.ml, then version B stopped using it, and make distclean doesn't know that some arbitrary ml file was generated by a previous version) in which case git clean -xfd will keep only your git tracked files (make sure that you have no untracked files that you want to keep).

dune and manual ./configure

Before coq_dune passed the -coqlib flag using ./configure manually could break the dune build. Nowadays I think the error is delayed to when you try to use the dune-built Coq (unconfirmed).

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