Installation of Coq on Mac

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Installation from Package managers

You can install Coq with Homebrew by simply running

brew install coq

or using MacPorts by running

sudo port install coq

or using the nix package manager running

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.coq

You can check that your installation was successful by running coqc -v.

The Coq development team will maintain an opam repository for Coq and this will become the preferred way to get Coq on MacOS.

Create a CoqIDE bundle

:warning: MacOS and gtk move too fast for this section to be up to date. If you try it, you're on your own!

  • Get Xcode and Command line tools Xcode
  • Get gtk-mac-integration (that require the Quartz backend of gtk) and gtksourceview2 libraries. I used jhbuild. I did
    • curl -LO
    • sh
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild bootstrap
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build python (used to be necessary, seems OK under 10.10)
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-core
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build gtksourceview

:warning: This never work on the first time. Get ready to patch gtksourceview (something like fix_gtksourceview.patch (lost attachment)), download some tar.xz by hand, recall autoconf with extra arguments, ...

  • Get coq OCaml build dependencies (OCaml, camlp5, lablgtk2, lablgtkosx). I did it using opam by
    • Get the opam binary on the opam github page. Put it somewhere on path, give it x rights. Do opam init and then the command opam asks you to do to config your shell.
    • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild run opam install lablgtkosx camlp5
  • Get coq >= v8.5 sources
  • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild run ./configure -opt -prefix '''whatever'''
  • ~/.local/bin/jhbuild run make bin/CoqIDE_''''''.app

You've got a CoqIDE (without coqtop so it will asks you for it if you launch it)

  • Add a coq installation in the bundle can be done independently from generating the bundle as long as you use the same version of the OCaml compiler and a coq that speaks the same protocol.

If you've ./configure -opt -prefix '''somewhere_there_is_nothing''' do

  • make -j 4 coq copide-toploop
  • make install-coq -install-coqide-toploop
  • ditto '''somewhere_there_is_nothing''' '''correct_path'''/CoqIDE_''''''.app/Contents/Resources/
  • codesign -f -s - '''correct_path'''/CoqIDE_''''''.app

Put an extra package in a CoqIDE bundle

  • Get command line tools for Xcode.

:warning: If this is a plugin (containing ml* files), you'll have to be an ocaml compiler compatible with the one used to create the bundle.

  •  export COQBIN='''correct_path'''/
  • maybe ${COQBIN}coq_makefile -f _CoqProject -o Makefile
  • make -j 2 && make install
  • :warning: codesign -f -s - '''correct_path'''/
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