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Status quo

Systems currently running some sort of benchmarking, regression testing for Coq.

label URL access tests what comment
lix-bench bench lix contribs (from git)
lix-newbench newbench lix - down very often
inria-ci jenkins inria coq (from git)
opam-bench opam-bench jobs on gihub, infrastructure ??? opam packages


The problems we have w.r.t. regression testing, that apply to one or many of the above. "we" means people working on Coq, not necessarily in PPS, Inria, France, Europe...

  1. 4 systems, overlap, which is the reference? Maybe 5, wasn't pyrolyse intended to be the bench system?
  2. access: we need to be able to access the compilation logs (possible with Jenkins)
  3. access: we need to be able to fix the bench system, at least for trivial errors (like it picks the wrong branch, coq_makefile refresh)
  4. reproducibility: understand why it fails (access to logs, maybe more), replicate on more hardware
  5. too slow (wait 24h for a run)
  6. ability to start a bench on demand and to start custom benches
  7. are the tests representative?
  8. only 1 big test (all contribs), all or nothing
  9. test a personal experiment without impacting the other developers
  10. single point of failure (only 1 gatekeeper)


Things that are desirable, not necessarily a problem:

  1. extend the bench with extra tools/scripts (graphs, etc...)
  2. extend the bench to produced precompiled artifacts (installers...)
    1. windows (ci.inria has it)
    2. osx (ci.inria does not have it)
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