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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Coq Source Tree

A bit of notation :

  • terms and types are written with the form symbol_name:path/to/ or (symbol_name:type):path/to/ the first time they are encountered, and can be shortened to symbol_name after.

TODO : refine notations conventions, to distinguish between terms and parameters and possibly include code as-is.

Adventures of a Vernac Command

There is two way to process strings coming from stdin. The first one is by looping over do_vernac:toplevel/, and the second one by looping over parse_one_command_group:toplevel/

do_vernac reads a vernac Command from stdin through mt:lib/pp.ml4, resynch the toplevel command buffer and feeds (top_buffer.tokens:char Stream.t):toplevel/ to raw_do_vernac:toplevel/ raw_do_vernac is mainly a wrapper for vernac:toplevel/, which itself is a wrapper for vernac_com:toplevel/ that automatically feeds it with the output of parse_phrase:toplevel/ vernac_com does a pattern matching on the parsing result to handle file loading or command timing, and then calls with_heavy_rollback:lib/ with interp:toplevel/ as its first parameter. interp does the big match on the vernac_expr:toplevel/ input and calls the appropriate function.

To be continued ...

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