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State of the continuous integration infrastructure

Théo Zimmermann edited this page Jul 29, 2019 · 4 revisions

This page gathers known issues about the CI infrastructure.

You can use the label kind: ci-failure to filter issues about unwanted / unexpected failures in the CI.

You can use the label kind: infrastructure for more generic issues about the infrastructure, CI included.


Roquableu runner is down

Relevant issue:

Windows Gitlab runners have TLS issues

Windows runners could not fetch the sources and raised an error similar to the one described there: The work-around proposed in that issue has been implemented in all untrusted machines.

Jobs failing by lack of memory

Jobs library:ci-fiat-crypto and library:ci-unimath (branch 8.10 only) often fail after running out of memory. They work well when scheduled on Inria machines rather than shared runners from

Relevant issues:

macOS job on Azure sometimes fails

The strategy for pinning the homebrew repository is not reliable: sometimes it fails with

fatal: reference is not a tree:

Relevant issue:

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