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The purpose of this page is to summarize the different new features and modifications that are going to be part of Coq 8.6.

indicates points which were not discussed/undecided/whose description is incomplete, or which required more discussion/in-depth explanations.

The other items were agreed to be integrated in the next release during the last working group and implementors workshop.

❗️ indicates changes introducing incompatibilities w.r.t. 8.5

General Implementation

  • ML: API cleanup/changes for maps of existential variables and universes (P.-M. Pédrot)

    pretyping/ was moved to engine/ and a new programming interface engine/ is provided to statically ensure the state is used monotonously (using GADTs). namegen, termops, logic_monad, proofview_monad are also in engine.

  • ❗️ PR#179: Feedback/pp cleanup (E. J. Gallego)

  • PR#158: Fixing the "beautifier" and checking the parsing-printing reversibility (H. Herbelin)

Comments: merging needed and testing on the contribs for minor changes in the .v files.

Decision: ok, with configure option to activating/deactivating.

  • PR#86: simplify sort_fields (G. Sherer)

  • New warning system (P.-M. Pédrot and M. Dénès)

  • Flag deprecated commands: Add Setoid/Morphism/...?

    Decision: deprecate.

  • Windows SDK built from sources using Michael's script (Enrico).

  • PR#173: Error resilient mode for STM (E. Tassi)

    Decision: ok. Difference between coqc and coqide.

  • PR#180: Compartimentalize IDE-API specific serialization in IDE (E. J. Gallego)

  • PR#204 Allow stream parsing from the Stm. [Breakage on Stm users is trivial to fix]

    IMO quite important for IDEs.

  • PR#206 Allow catching EvaluatedError exceptions.

    Trivial PR.

Build infrastructure

  • We settled on requiring ocaml >= 4.01.0 for 8.6.

    There is a known issue with 4.01.0 and camlp4 where Coq compilation fails with -debug, this case is now detected early in the configure script.

    [EJGA] Note that this will likely break Debian packages, as they ship a patched Ocaml 4.01.0 thus configure will fail.

  • Coq 8.6 requires Camlp5 6.06 (or Camlp4)

  • Switch to using ocamlfind for finding compilers (new dependency)

  • Use -pack for plugins shipped with Coq or compiled through coq_makefile (P. Letouzey)

  • Rename some modules to avoid conflicts with the ocaml compiler.

    While waiting for an upstream solution, we decided to rename files in our codebase whose names are conflicting with the compiler-libs library of the ocaml compiler.


  • New universe cycle detection algorithm (J.H. Jourdan) Much faster on typical graphs, implements a state-of-the-art incremental cycle detection algorithm by Bender, M. A., Fineman, J. T., Gilbert, S., & Tarjan, R. E.

  • Now accepting unit props in mutual definitions (B. Barras, 045b695) Any change due to this? kernel/checker

  • Cleaner interface for named/De-Bruijn contexts (M. Kosik)

    Moved to Context.Rel/Named for manipulating named and de Bruijn contexts using an algebraic datatype distinguishing declarations and definitions and modules with a similar interface. This will break plugins but the move to the new representation is really straightforward. An advantage of the new representation is that users are less likely to forget that there are potentially local definitions and not only declarations in these contexts.

  • PR#117: iota split into iota0+phi+psi and ML API cleanup for reduction functions (H. Herbelin).

    Decision: Set iota to be match + fix + cofix at user level, preserving compatibility.

    Reimplemented and merged as PR#231


  • ❗️ Ltac implementation refactoring, "Ltac as a plugin" (P.M. Pédrot). Uniform handling of generic arguments.

    Incompatibilities: at the syntax level, when using constr:, ltac: grammar entries in Ltac code, parentheses become mandatory (e.g.: constr:((x, y)) for the pair of terms x y). ipattern_list:([] []). Uniformity vs "non-uglyness". All about parsing. It will break. Using constr:((x, y)).

    Decision: ask users about grepping before we can include this, so we can evaluate the incompatibility better and in this case specialize constr:().

    At the level of ML: camlp4 quotations of ltac are no longer supported (<:ltac < auto with *>>)

Some tactics and vernac entries were moved to TACTIC EXTEND/VERNAC EXTEND thanks to the refactoring.


  • PR#142: Patterns in abstractions (D. de Rauglaudre)

  • Evar naming:

    • Unnamed evars generated identifiers are not stable and shouldn't be used to refer to evars (MS: can they? HH: in 8.5pl1, only the evars named using ?[x] or ?[?x] can be referred to).

    HH: Whether generated identifiers should be unparsable or not is a question which is worth a discussion. My observation is that both approaches have their supporters.

    • There are two kinds of names printed the same way? the generated ones and the user-specified ones? (HH: Yes, and this is natural I think.)

    • We have another occurrence of the "declare at first use" phenomenon. ?[e] declares and evar and uses it. {{{Check ?[n]+?n}}} differs from {{{Check ?n+?[n]}}}. Should we use ?[n] several times? (HH's note: it fails in 8.5) HH: There is a convenient situation where one would like to use ?[n] several times: {{{match t with Constructor x => u | _ => ?[n] end}}}.

    Proposition by PMP to use tactics in terms [let t := ltac:(evar sometype) in u] ? Ongoing CEP by HH on sharing evars.

    Note: {{{instantiate(n:=t)}}} is working in 8.5pl1 for user-named evars but not for coq-generated ones.

    • Bug in context compatibility checking.

    Many proposals: ltac:(let x := evar "e" T in exact (x + x)) replace (?A + ?B) with B + A.

    No decision really, timeout

  • PR#194 Add an 'only printing' flag to notations.


  • Unification of Let-In bodies without unifying their types (in evarconv heuristic of first-order unifications) (9cc95f5)

    Decision: unification, use cumulativity state leq.

  • ❗️ Keyed Unification:

    The strategy is now to do a first pass without conversion and a pass with full conversion of arguments if this fails, when selecting subterms. Keyed Unification is still restricted to [unify_to_subterm], used by the standard rewrite only (M. Sozeau).

    Decision: ok. TODO: Follow the compat flag.


  • Option to add eta-unification during resolution.

  • Option to do resolution following the dependency order of subgoals in resolution (previously, and by default, the most dependent ones are tried first, respecting the semantics of the previous proof engine).

  • Option to switch to an iterative deepening search strategy. Should be renamed bfs.

  • New implementation of typeclasses eauto based on new proof engine, could replace eauto as well: full backtracking, Hint Cut supported, iterative deepening, limited search, ... (M. Sozeau)

    branch to be turned into a PR, compatibility checks to do first. Decision: ok. Compatibility with eauto?


  • ❗️ Forbiding "Require" inside modules and module types (Import is fine) Users complain. Do we deprecate or not? We should say something.

    Decision: message with workaround (move outside module). Still an incompatibility to 8.4.

  • Print Assumptions now prints axioms through inductive definitions (M. Lasson)

  • Deprecate non-qualified Requires ? Emitting a warning may be fine.

  • PR#79 Assume Positive/Guarded/... (A. Spiwack)

    Syntax issue on attributes, naming. Decision: provide the API. No decision on the syntax. Let it be accessible to plugins only.

  • Search has an option to print only the list of names found (C. Pit-Claudel).

  • New flag "Shrink Abstract" that minimizes proofs generated by the abstract tactical w.r.t. variables appearing in the body of the proof. Also improved Shrink Obligations.

    Compatibility questions. Set it on and deprecate the flag (abstract is not specifying its proof term). PR#218

  • Universe binders @{} are now accepted by Program and Instance commands. Locations of universe binders can be taken into account in error messages.

  • Support for (@foo) args in patterns, when @foo has no arguments (H. Herbelin).

  • @, abbreviations and notations are now interpreted in patterns like in terms (H. Herbelin).

  • PR#156 Coq-level numeral printers, now a CEP: [[CEP/Numeral Notation]] (D. de Rauglaudre)

Discussion: P. Letouzey helped improve it. should be revised. For BigZ, BigN old parsers will still work. Ltac for real numbers, not so clear it's the right way. This just adds a purely .v solution to have printers. Decision: ok. Advertise it too, new feature, not entirely complete.

  • PR#64: Add a Print Ltacs vernacular (C. Pit-Claudel)

  • PR#114: Set Debug Foo vs Set Foo Debug (H. Herbelin)

  • PR#162: Search Interface Revisions (G. Malecha)

    Decision: Moving pattern_of_string/dirpath_of_string_list elsewhere. Merge.


  • ❗️ invariants on (a, b, ...), intropattern for generalized cartesian products

    Stop autocompleting with ? (H. Herbelin) Used to: warning about more names, or less. Now: exact number of names. Decision: ok, relying on the compat_version ().

    The error message could be improved?

  • ❗️ "Set Regular Subst Tactic" on by default, subst has a more canonical strategy and can succeed more often.

  • ❗️ congruence now uses build_selector from Equality (H. Herbelin)

    Decision: ok, incompatibility on discriminate on dependent types.

  • Clearing on the fly To be applied to destruct/applied. Design decisions on default, currently compatible. Discussion: postpone the design on configurability, the default for e.g. apply is not changeable even if more natural. the code is already merged using > for clearing explicitely.

  • ❗️ Clear not failing when an hypothesis didn't exist in Ltac mode, now it does (only in strict mode?).

    Decision: ok.

  • ❗️ contradiction (H. Herbelin)

Adds incompatibility: more success. ~ True and ~ (x = x), part of [easy]. Decision: ok. Compatibility issue.

  • refine and conv_pbs (E. Tassi, M. Dénès)

    Discussion: refine can be unsafe in the sense of not checking which unification problems are solved. Problem of API and sealing.

    • Fix refine, document API Decision: fix ok.
  • Set Printing Unification Problems by M. Sozeau.

  • PR#74: Range selector (C. Mangin)

    Decision: take 1st part, document it in refman (associativity). Do not allow ?[x].

  • ❗️ PR#100: fresh accepts more things (P. Courtieu) fresh will succeed more often=incompatibilies.

    Are these incompatibilites difficult to fix? Nobody should rely on it, (is_constr, is_var, ...) Decision: ok with review by Pierre-Marie.

  • ❗️ PR#140: Iff as a proper connective (H. Herbelin)

    Problem of coercions. Compatibility issue..

    • Evaluate on contribs. Decision: wait on.
  • PR#146: Ssreflect pattern matching facilities (E. Tassi)

    Discussion: some documentation issues Decision: ok. Documentation of the ltac and advertisement.

  • PR#150: LtacProf (trunk) (T. Tebbi, J. Gross, P. Steckler) Decision: in 8.6. No incompatibility, accept that its incomplete on backtracking, as a debug feature.

  • ❗️ injection as ([intropattern]): changed? Compatibility is not guaranteed here (H. Herbelin).

    What changed? Postponed to June 1st.

  • PR#164: A few tactics for 8.6 (H. Herbelin)


    • merge changes on injection, but we'll need a legacy tactic to replace it. Idea to use a module for deprecated tactics.

    • opposition to ordinal notations ("intros until 1st")

    • eintros ok, but make sure all e-variants are called for intro patterns (einjection,...)

    • do not merge "==>"

    • do not merge /constr intro pattern

    • "as" clause to specialize ok

    • other code clean-up ok

  • ❗️ Properly handle Hint Extern with conclusions of the form _ -> _" in typeclass resolution (M. Sozeau)

    This breaks compatibility, these Hint Externs were not found before as the pattern was matched on the conclusion of the goal, removing arrows.

    Decision: put a warning at least on Hint Externs, maybe fix it.

  • ❗️ Remove some atomic tactics from the AST. This breaks "intro" in strict mode (i.e. Ltac := ...) by forcing its argument to have been defined beforehand, e.g. "intro x" is rejected and should be turned into "let x := fresh in intro x" (or similar).

  • ❗️ Force "let rec" Ltac to be a thunk, e.g. "let rec x := idtac" is forbidden and should be turned into "let rec x _ := idtac".

  • PR#195 Add is_ind, is_constructor, is_proj tactics.

Standard Library

  • ❗️ Changes in QArith/Qcanon,Qcabs by P. Letouzey with minor incompatibilities Decision: Lemma additions, minor incompatibilities

  • Introduction of MMaps

  • ❗️ nil, cons, None and Some have their type argument set maximally implicit. Incompatibility should be clearly mentionned.

  • function_scope is now declared in Notations and bound to Funclass.

  • Scopes can be bound to classes again. (J. Gross)

  • Definition of eta in VectorSpec.v

  • ListSet lemmas in Stdlib (S. Hinderer)


  • Modernization of the preferences (P.M. Pédrot).

  • PR#67: Add a Show Proof query to CoqIDE.

    Decision: ok. Merging help needed from PM.


  • PR#166: Add -o option to coqc to choose the .vo file directory (E. Tassi)

    -o cmxs issue ? options to ML compiler ? -L issue ? Decision: ok, think about the makefile.