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Coqtail is a library of mathematical theorems and tools proved inside the Coq proof assistant. Results range mostly from arithmetic to real and complex analysis.

Coqtail is now being developed and maintained at coq-community, where contributions are welcome! The present repository only exists for related, older, materials, please do not use it for development.


master is developed with Coq 8.11.0, which is its only requirement, but the following git tags point to snapshots for different versions of Coq, which should cover most versions from 8.5 to 8.11.

  • tag v8.6.1 for Coq 8.5pl3 and Coq 8.6.1
  • tag v8.7.2 for Coq 8.7.2
  • tag v8.8.2 for Coq 8.8.2
  • tag v8.9.1 for Coq 8.9.1
  • tag v8.10.2 for Coq 8.10.2
  • tag v8.11.0 for Coq 8.11.0
  • see the new repository for Coq 8.12+

Use e.g. git checkout v8.10.2 if you want to use Coq 8.10.2. Note that those tags are for backward compatibility only, there is no intention of maintaining them as branches. Go to the new repository instead for development.


Running cd src; make should suffice. It uses a _CoqProject file, which should also allow you to use coqide and proofgeneral with no further configuration.

Developer's todo list

Big things:

  • prove linear and non-linear theory of ℂ is decidable (using Groebner basis)

Lemmas to prove:

  • Mertens' Theorem for Complex numbers
  • (expand this list to your wish)


  • Use -Q instead of -R and fix the resulting loadpath problems
  • Opam package for make install
  • Check for commented lemmas (and admits)
  • Remove useless "Require"s
  • Check for admits (run "./").
  • Check for commented results (run "./ comments")