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CORAL 3.0.0

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@jeffnm jeffnm released this 16 Jul 16:13
· 565 commits to master since this release

System Environment Requirements

  • PHP 5.5+ (Known issue: not compatible with PHP 7.2 at this time)
    • Required PHP extensions: mbstring, gettext, mysqlnd
  • MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 (Known issue: Not working with MySQL 5.7 at this time)
  • Apache 2.2 or above

Install or Upgrade


  1. Download a copy of 3.0.0 at Github.
  2. If you use the option to download the compressed zipped file, expand this file in a working folder.
  3. Copy the expanded folder to your webserver. If using Apache, this would be something like /var/www/html/ folder. If CORAL will be in a sub folder on your webserver, change the folder name from “Coral-master” to, for example, “coral” or another name you choose. The web installation depends upon the index.php file found in the coral folder. Your Apache settings should be set to include loading the index.php file.
  4. Go to the home directory via a web browser to initiate the install process and follow the onscreen instructions.


You should be able to upgrade to 3.0.0 either from 2.0 or from the final 1.x modules. It will simply upgrade you to 2.0 along the way, but you'll still end up with 3.0.0.

  1. Make a fresh backup of your database and directory.
  2. Download a copy of 3.0.0 at Github.
  3. If you use the option to download the compressed zipped file, expand this file in a working folder.
  4. Copy the contents of that expanded folder into your coral web root, which might be something like /var/www/html/coral depending on your configuration.
  5. Go to the root of your coral installation in a browser "" and the upgrader should recognize that you are using an older version of CORAL and start the upgrade process. Follow the onscreen instructions.

New Features

General (all modules)

German translation. Thanks to BSZ - Abteilung Bibliothekssysteme for this contribution.
Turkish translation. Thanks to Özhan Sağlık for this contribution.

Resource Module

EBSCO Knowledge Base (KB) Integration

This feature allows EBSCO KB customers to search the EBSCO KB from within CORAL and import titles and packages into CORAL. Thanks to SirsiDynix for this contribution.

Import Tool Enhancements

Several enhancements have been added to the Import tool. This includes a preview of the import information before importing data into CORAL, an uploads history page to see the previously uploaded files, and a few new fields added to the import interface. Thanks to North Carolina State University and BibLibre for this contribution.

Resource Statistics and Yearly Costs Dashboards

The dashboard view allows users to view resource statistics by filtering them and grouping by resource type, subject or acquisition type, with sub-totals, and to export the data as CSV. Thanks to University Lyon 3 and BibLibre for this contribution.

CORAL/ILS Interaction: Vendors

This is an optional feature allowing to synchronize vendors between CORAL and an ILS. Thanks to BibLibre and ByWater Solutions for this contribution.

Multiple orders to any record in Resource module

A new “Order” panel was added to allow users add multiple orders to a resource record. For records with multiple orders, a dropdown list will appear beside the title. Users can also clone an existing order. Thanks to Biblibre and ByWater Solutions for this contribution.

Other features

  • Separate costs in export
  • Display child records in alphabetical order
  • Duplicate an existing workflow in Admin
  • Additional search fields including Publisher, Platform and Provider
  • Make the content area wider

API Enhancements

  • API_Client fundcode dropdown and general form style enhancements
    Changed the fund code field to a dropdown list. Added css style to the API form consistent with existing CORAL CSS style. Thanks to North Carolina State University for this contribution.

  • Add new routes to CORAL API
    Get resource by resource id, ISBN or ISSN, package’s titles, licenses and organization. Thanks to Biblibre for this contribution.

Bug Fixes

General (All Modules)

  • Allow modal popup to close with the “ESC” key. (#391 & #395)

  • Removed CSS rules for capitalization of link (#371).

  • Fixed GROUP BY incompatibility with MySQL 5.7 (#236).

  • Fixed: Data type for “configuration” column in the ImportConfig table is now text (#319).

  • Fixed: Removes deprecated messages in PHP error reporting (#326 & #327).

  • Fixed: Removes PHP notice: Undefined index: http_lang in common/common_directory.php (#338 & #339).

  • Fixed: Statically called non-static methods in html class (#340 & #341).

  • Removed info.php calls (#295).

  • Fixed issue where French translations displayed incorrectly (#283).

  • Fixed undefined index notice (#358 & #359).

  • Fixed: Allows Organizations Issue class to represent Resources module Issue table (#337)

Resources Module

  • Fixed: “Report New Issue” will now correctly send an email notification to the contact. (#315)

  • Fixed: Workflow start for new resources created by AJAX form or API (#352).

  • Fixed: Create a default order when submitting a resource through the API in order for an acquisition type to attach to it (#345).

  • Fixed: Removed a test leftover in ajax_forms/getCostForm.php (#368).

  • Fixed: Button behavior when adding a step under admin when editing a workflow (#286).

  • Fixed: Allows Organizations Issue class to represent Resources module Issue table (#337)

  • Fixed: Fixed selected language displayed in language dropdown menu when language cookie is not set (#103, #403).

Management Module

  • Fixed: Corrected date format issue in “My Queue.” (#320)

Organizations Module

  • Fixed: PHP notices on Organizations index page (#356).

Usage Statistics Module

  • Fixed: SUSHI imports for DB1 did not support Activity Type (#401).

  • Fixed: SUSHI imports for JR1 incorrectly calculated sum total (#401).

  • Fixed: uploadConfirmation.php missing startDate and numMonths values when manually importing stats file causing the scripts in uploadComplete.php to incorrectly set the $multYear var to True (#328).


  • The installer now iterates through updates in sequence so it should result in fewer database conflicts during upgrades or installation.

  • Fixed: bugs around using a less privileged mysql user during installation.

  • Fixed: Empty $db_info issue during install process that resulted in error messages about “...denied from (#392).

  • Improved language used when asking for the user with database creation permissions to be more clear about what to expect (#392).

Known Issues

  • Not compatible with PHP 7.2 (Issue #360)
  • Not working with MySQL 5.7 (Issue #445). In order to use CORAL 3.0 with MySQL 5.7 you must disable the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY option in MySQL. See this answer on Stack Overflow for command line and phpMyAdmin instructions: