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CORAL Steering Committee Meeting


April 10, 2018

In attendance:

Steve Oberg, Xiaoyan Song, Heather Wilson, Scott Vieira, Tommy Keswick; Eric Hartnett; Doug Hahn, James Goodman, Jeffrey Mudge, Rebecca Tatterson

New Business

Update on CORAL release procedure document (XS) - The release procedure document has been added to github. Yan welcomes edits/comments.

OLF (HW) - Heather had a call with Mike Winkler of the Open Library Foundation (OLF) to discuss the possibility of CORAL moving under the OLF umbrella. OLF is currently the home of FOLIO, goKB, and other open source projects and they're recruiting others. Joining OLF offers a number of benefits:

  • they offer a lightweight organizational structure
  • they could offer legal assistance as OLF is a non-profit corporate entity and could help with things like takedown notices
  • they offer to assist with financial services such as collecting and reporting funds, something that the web committee has been discusing
  • they are a 501-3c membership organization
  • they could assist with meetings - they license Zoom - and host forums
  • there is no fee to join - costs are underwritten by EBSCO One concern is that as part of the legal assistance, OLF would need to hold the IP. A question was asked about whether EBSCO's their only source of funding. No, Texas A&M's Dean sits on the Board of Directors and TAMU pays a membership fee. It is very likely that all over universities that serve on the Board pay a membership as well. Heather is going to follow up with Winkler with a list of questions:
  • Why does the IP need to be transferred?
  • What is the process for transferring the IP?
  • What happens to the IP if OLF is dissolved?
  • How would it affect proprietary partners such as Sirsi Dynix?
  • What is the expectation of integration with FOLIO?

Another question was how might this affect CORAL users outside of the U.S.? The SC thought getting some feedback from BibLibre on this would be helpful.

Heather would like to create an open space for community discussion about this topic.

README file (XS) - Does it need to be updated? Yes, as it's not currently helpful. Tommy suggested adding in documentation, or at least a shortened version of the documentation, to the readme. Yan suggested links to the documentation. Tommy will look for some examples of good readme files and Yan will put together a draft.

Pull request #459 (EH) - Eric expressed concerns about this pull request, particularly the need for it and the possibility that it would be added without SC support. The SC members on the call all agreed that the UI change was not necessary and could in fact affect readability - more context would be needed for approval. Eric agreed to contact Mattias to get more information.

TAMU development work (EH) - Eric and Doug demoed some functionality that TAMU has been working on:

  • Auth module update - using the account creation system in the demo site as a basis, this update allows admins to create accounts across all modules at once rather than having to create accounts in each individual module.
  • Journal maintenance - this functionality connects to an ILS (Voyager in TAMU's case though the code was written as vendor neutral as possible) and pulls record information in order to create a record in CORAL. The record creation triggers a new workflow that can be used to create a "to do" list that tweaks the functionality within the queue. This new functionality includes the ability to review and add notes to an item in the queue but not necessarily complete the item. Reviewed items are moved to the bottom of the list for future review. Items with a start date set in the future will appear on a separate list so as to not be confused with items that need attention sooner.
  • Trial request form/feedback form - Using the API created by NC State, TAMU has created a trial request for which, when submitted, creates a record in CORAL that triggers a trial workflow. It also automatically creates a trial feedback form. Records with the acquisition trial type are not viewable in the main display by default, they have to selected using the search filter. Once a record's acquisition type is changed from trial request to trial, it will automatically display on a Trials web page. When the trial end date is reached, the trial will automatically be removed from the Trials page. Responses submitted through the trial feedback form is store in a trial feedback note in the resource's record. These notes will be able to be exported through a separate notes export option. It was suggested that the notes be combined with the current export functionality.
  • Clone record - This functionality adds a new icon within a resource record which will allow the user to clone the record. Doug will put together technical notes for each of these features and Eric will put together descriptions of the functional side so that the SC can decide whether any of it should be incorporated into the base code.

Move of Terms Tool and PIG to main repository (SO) - there have been some questions about updating the Terms Tool and PIG for 3.0 and moving them to the main repository. The PIG has been updated for 3.0 but there isn't any documentation for it. Doug is going to document it and move it into the main CORAL repository. After the call James stated that SirsiDynix is hoping to update the Terms Tool.

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