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Releasing a New Version of a Module

Paul Poulain edited this page Mar 9, 2016 · 1 revision

Before you release a new version of a CORAL module to the public, consider these tasks:

  • Download the latest module code from the master branch on github
  • Install and test in a fresh location (not on top of a previous version)
  • Test the upgrade process (from the previous version to the latest code version)
  • Ensure that all important features work, no bugs
  • Make sure all appropriate release notes have been added for this new version
  • Make sure all other related documents have been updated (especially installation / upgrade guides)
  • Add a tag to preserve this version (this can be by adding a "release" via github, or by adding a tag to a local git repo then pushed to github with: git push --tags)
  • Announce new version of module via listserv and website
  • Create new milestone on github for next anticipated version of module (??)
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