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Steering Committee 201708 Minutes

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CORAL Steering Committee Notes, 8/15/2017

Attending Steve Oberg Jeffrey Mudge Tommy Keswick Heather Wilson Remington Steed Eric Hartnett Jason Savell Doug Hahn Scott Vieira

Current pull requests Members may ask questions, etc. but we won’t walk through every one.

Tommy’s been working on several pull requests 268 (which updates 169), 269 (updates 170), 271 (updates 171), and 272 (updates 196) and needs someone to test. Texas A&M offered to test during an upcoming sprint.

What should be done with pull requests from kwareict as he has not responded to questions? Try to contact him one more time and then give him a week. Then they can be closed.

Pull request #250 - is it okay to introduce code that adds more warnings? It sounds reasonable

#183? Should be good to go if it doesn’t introduce further warnings.

Close issue if code has been introduced to fix in development though not yet in master? Yes, just make sure to note.

#244 - needs a lot of work. Tommy reviewed and made a list of issues

CORAL Road Map ( Configure additional functionality - modules that can be enabled/disabled Flesh out APIs so that CORAL can be used with other systems **Steve requests comments on the Road Map - everyone should have edit rights - particularly the Guiding Principles so they can be discussed at the next meeting

Web Committee update Two new committee members from CalTech Working on website - looking at templates Also looking for a different hosting solution as there will be more flexibility if Web Committee has better access.[BibLibre currently hosts the website] Scott purchased the domain for the test site ( Ben is currently paying for the domain for the current site. How to raise funds to cover the hosting costs? Gofundme is a potential solution. Scott will look into it.

Automated Testing (TK) How can we get this working and make it part of our development practice? Tommy has been trying out a Chrome drive which would provide headless browser testing with Chrome. Maybe we should enforce that people who submit code also submit tests as this would make things easier. Does github have built-in functionality? It can only do acceptance testing, not functional testing (because it’s javascript based).

Coding Guidelines Pull requests should adhere to WordPress coding standards. Tommy will update the documentation.

Other Steve is participating in the It Takes a Village IMLS grant. He’s going to Baltimore in October. He will be sending out a survey to users to get more feedback about the user base. Could we implement code to ping something when CORAL is used, to give us a better idea about CORAL usage? CalTech has an upcoming LITA forum and has submitted a proposal for a workshop at ER&L. Scott, Yan Song and Heather Wilson are working on a proposal for a CORAL Users Group Meeting at the upcoming ER & L.

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