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Steering Committee 201709 Minutes

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CORAL Steering Committee Notes, 9/12/2017

Attending Jeffrey Mudge Tommy Keswick Heather Wilson Scott Vieira Mang Sun Carla Clark Matthias Meusburger Eric Hartnett Jason Savell

Help emails from and mailing list - is set up to go to web and SC mailing lists -is not making it - Scott and Tommy will investigate other messages/email issues in CORAL - outstanding tickets, Workflows emails - Mang is investigating

Current pull requests Shibboleth - Jeff and Mang - .htaccess file problem - issue can be closed - simple SAML problem, not CORAL - Mang can provide Shibboleth instructions for documentation multiple ordering - Matthias rewriting with pure SQL to allow - can it be approved? - Tommy reviewed - will need to be included in a version change with an update

Database Versioning discussion need a way to improve updater and installer - need a system for easy implementation of changes - developers need a way to keep up with changes - Carla mentioned that one of her devs suggested we consider Liquibase as an option

SCELC SPIF Grant from Caltech grant will cover an instance of CORAL that will integrate with goKB; this could include overnight updating as well as a live autocomplete in the search for new records. BibLibre previously did some work on integrating with goKB but the code was never committed to the base code. On a separate but related note, SirsiDynix has funds to hire a contractor. One of the contractor’s projects will be to integrate with EBSCO’s kb.

Road Map See draft Road Map via shared Google Doc I didn’t take any notes for. Did I miss something? - we opted for a broader discussion when Steve is available (HW)

Next release (2.1.0) Incorporate new import functionality from NCSU Comment that it would be nice to have a more unified, centralized admin and more admin functionality controlled through the UI. Database update will take a lot of work so we may need to aim for 2.2 rather than 2.1. Technical documentation on the installer is needed. Fortunately, the person who developed it is still doing some work with Jeff so Jeff will tab him to create it. There’s still an issue in some modules where too many MySQL connections are being opened - this needs to be changed to only open one. Virtual meet up It was suggested that this discussion be postponed until Paul is on the call.

Sirsi Dynix update: We are in the process of hiring a contractor to do some work for us. Items that we are considering:

· Create an option to set date format to European · Send an email when a user account is created · Create a “Forgot My PIN” option · Reports module—Allow for larger loads of COUNTER stats (i.e. I am just beginning to use CORAL, I want to import a file of ALL of the previous years’ COUNTER stats from all of my vendors, to have that historical data; fix issue with leap year · Reports module—Try to make SUSHI harvesting work for some additional vendors · Auth module—I did see Eric’s note just now, would like to see what he has done—we want to be able to assign modules and privileges at the same time that we create users. [Eric’s note: TAMU developed this functionality for the demo site but it’s never been incorporated into the base code:]

We will update the committee as the hiring process is completed.

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