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The Coral Project Docs

This is the documentation for The Coral Project, an initative by the Mozilla Foundation in partnership with The New York Times, and The Washington Post to build an open source comment moderation system for newsrooms and media sites.

Please report bugs and corrections via GitHub issues in this repository.

Our live documentation lives at

Contributing to the Docs

Make all documentation changes to the markdown files in the docs_dir directory.

Documentation is built with mkdocs, a static document generator.

To build the documentation:

  1. Verify that you have python and pip installed on your local or virtual machine (version numbers may vary): python --version && pip --version

Here are a few ways you can install python and pip:

  1. git clone this repository to a local development folder.

  2. Install mkdocs and associated themes, dependencies and extensions: pip install mkdocs pip install mkdocs-material

  3. Install the mkdocs themes that

  4. Build the documentation from the root directory of this repo. mkdocs build --clean

  5. Start a branch on your system, make your awesome contributions, commit them via git and submit a pull request.

  6. Your contributions will be peer reviewed and merged with the master branch.

  7. There is a script connecting github to the AWS S3/Cloudfront hosting area via an worker.

Upon a successful update to master, it triggers an update to wipe the existing site files and copy over a new set which will appear at within 2-3 minutes. This script information can be found in the docsync directory for details.

There is a development environment mirroring production which can be viewed at