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Cay, a community moderation tool (front-end)


  • make sure you have your other services set up and running xenia pillar
  • git clone && cd cay
  • npm install
  • set up your /config.json file with the locations of your hosted services. A sample file is at public/config.sample.json and currently must be placed at the root of the hosting directory for Cay.
  • npm start

You'll need to be running v5.0.0 of node, we recommend using nvm to manage node installations.

The app is a series of React components compiled into modules with webpack.

This repo is for the front-end of the Coral ecosystem outlined here.

The basic idea is that the build process results in a bundle.js file containing all javascript and css. CSS cross-browser issues, ES6 transpilation, minification, etc, is all handled by webpack.

Folder structure
+-- .github
+-- assets               -> nginx config
+-- css
+-- dist                 -> built files
+-- fonts
+-- lang
+-- public               -> images and config
   config.json           -> environment variables and such
   data_config.json      -> filters and dimension defs
+-- src
|  +-- app
|    +-- layout
|    AppActions.js
|    AppReducer.js
|    MainReducer.js
     ... other page-level (stateful) components
|  +-- auth
|  +-- comments          -> any UI and redux for Comments
|  +-- components        -> re-usable generic UI components
|  +-- explorer          -> data visualization explorer domain
|  +-- filters           -> any UI and redux for Filters
|  +-- search            -> any UI and redux for Searches
|  +-- i18n              -> internationalization wrappers
|  +-- tags              -> any UI and redux for Tags
|  +-- users             -> any UI and redux for Users
index.js                 -> entry point for app
settings.js              -> colors for the app
store.js                 -> redux store

+-- test                 -> mirrors the src folder


We welcome community contribution. If you're thinking about making more than a minor change, check in with the Coral team via Github issues to avoid unnecessary work for both parties.

Sequester all work in pull requests

  1. create a new branch with git checkout -b your-fancy-branch-name
  2. make a trivial change, and commit back to your branch with git add ./your-changed-file.js and git commit -m "a commit message here"
  3. push your changes to github with git push origin your-fancy-branch-name
  4. on, you should see a button to create a pull request from your new branch
  5. There will be public code reviews before we merge any PRs into master

We will not accept commits or pushes to the master branch, as the latest version of master is automatically deployed. Any direct push to master will be reverted.


Packaging for production involves building the js and css files with npm run build. This will nuke and re-populate the /dist folder. After these files are copied to the server, a valid config.json file must live in the root of the directory from which the front-end assets are served. There is a config.sample.json in the /public directory for your reference.


  • how to internationalize (R2L languages)
  • how to continue to make things accessible